How can I add dotPhoto to my iPhone home screen?

Add dotphoto to your Android Tap here

How can I add dotPhoto to my iPhone home screen? works well on smart phones. The web site re-sizes automatically to your screen size, enables you to view albums, watch slide shows, upload photos from your phone's galleries, and place orders. 

Here's how to add the dotPhoto icon to your iPhone's home screen so that you can quickly and easily access dotPhoto. If you save your dotPhoto password in your browser, you'll be just one tap away from your albums.


Adding dotPhoto to your iPhone's home page

  • In the Safari browser, go to (The Add to Home Page option does not appear in other browsers.)
  • Swipe down on the screen, and you will see a line of icons appear.
  • Tap on the Upload icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on Add to Home Screen. (You may need to scroll the bottom row of icons to the right to see Add to Home Screen.)


  • You will see the hopping fox icon like the one in first line of the illustration below.
  • To move the icon, long-tap on it; all the icons will start to jiggle. Drag dotPhoto to the position where you want it, and then tap on the iPhone's Home button (the only button below the screen.)


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