How do I order photo prints?

Two Ways to Order Prints
Fast - an album at a time
  1. At the album level, select the check box for that album. The number of images in the album is noted in the upper right corner of the album.
  2. Tap on the Shop menu on the left and choose Prints.
  3. Enter the number of each print that you want.
  4. Tap on Add to Cart.

Selectively - a picture at a time
  1. In any dotPhoto account, click on an album.
  2. (a) Click on a single photo, which enlarges it for better viewing. (b) You can also use the check box feature shown above to choose photos within an album.
  3. Click on the shopping cart icon to choose this photo.

  4. Set the quantity for the prints you want, and then choose Add to Cart or Add & Checkout.  Add to Cart will bring you back to choose more photos; Add & Checkout takes you to the cart where you can finalize cropping and pay for your order.

  5. To exit photo viewing, click on the X above any photo.

  6. Go to your cart by clicking on the cart icon in the upper right corner. The number next to the cart shows the number of items in your cart.

  7. In the cart, you can adjust cropping for each item, and pay for your order in the cart. Click on the green Checkout button in the upper right to choose shipping options and pay for your order. 

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