How does the dotPhoto cart work? How do I check out?


Why aren't all my photos going into my cart?
How do I place a guest order?

How does the cropping tool work?

How can I remove all photos of a certain size from my cart? How can I remove photos?

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What is a cropping warning, and what should I do?

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How can I track my order?

My cart will not open. What should I do?


The cart is where you can review your order and Check out. Your order will not be placed until you confirm all options at the end of the checkout process.

To check out, click on the cart icon in the upper right corner. The number in the cart tells you that the number of items in the cart. The practical limit to the cart is about 1000 photos at a time, but, as you can see in the illustration below, the dotPhoto cart can handle very large orders.

To remove a photo from your cart

There are three ways to remove photos from your cart (1) Remove a single photo from the cart by clicking on the Trash Can icon (2) Remove only a certain size by clicking on the Change All Sizes button and setting that size to a quantity of zero. (3) TheEmpty Cartbutton will remove ALL items in your cart.

In the illustration here, clicking on the Trash Can icon will remove the 4x6 print of this portrait. If you want 7 prints, simply change the 1 to a 7.



Cropping is trimming an image to conform to a standard print size. For instance, a 4x6 print is oblong, but an 8x10 print is almost square, so an image must be cropped differently for different sizes. dotPhoto enables you to crop images in your cart to fit your print size.

To crop an image in the cart, click on the picture or on the pencil icon.


The illustration below shows (1) and Uncropped image with white space on two sides (2) a default cropped image showing the maximum possible image and (3) a closely cropped image.

  • To print the entire image, click the Uncrop button. This may leave white space on two sides, but you will print the entire image.
  • To see the default crop, click Reset. This will print the largest possible image on the print size you have selected.
  • To pick a freeform area to print, drag a node of the dotted crop box. To move the crop box, click-and-hold the inside of the crop box and drag it in any direction. The shape of the crop box will not change because it is the same shape as the print your have chosen. The crop box will not get any smaller than the lowest possible resolution for the picture you are printing.
  • Click Save when you have finished cropping.

Click here for more information on cropping.

To place an order
Once your photos and merchandise are cropped and setup in your cart, click on the Checkout button to begin the shipping and payment process:

On the Shipping Address screen:

  1. Add the shipping address
  2. Add an optional gift message if you are shipping to someone else.
  3. Click the Next > button.

Choose your shipping method, and click on Next >.

Economy shipping for Club Members is free when the order is over $9.98. Express, 2-day and Overnight shipping include tracking.

Add your credit card to the Payment Information box. The cart accepts Discover, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Click Next > when finished.

Confirm you order by clicking in the check box and clicking on Next >.

You can also change the paper type on this page, and whether or not you have color correction turned on or off. If you have resolution or cropping warnings, you can go back and adjust those photos -- or simply approve them here.

After placing your order, you will receive an order number, and dotPhoto will also email a confirming email.

Tracking your order

After placing your order, you will receive an order number and a reminder that you can follow your order in the MyAccount section of your dotPhoto accounts. Guest orders can also be tracked here:  Note that "tracking" provides information on the progress of the printing and shipping of  your order; tracking a shipment to your door is available only on Express, 2-Day and Overnight orders; economy shipping is standard U.S. Postal services that do not track individual pieces of mail. If an order is marked "Failed" in Order History, it may have a problem with a credit card or with bad images; please check your email for notices about failed orders or email dotPhoto at dotPhoto Support -

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