How can I forward or re-direct my domain name in Namecheap?

Let's say you have registered a domain name at and you want to forward that to your dotPhoto MyWebSite.  For instance, we set up an example called:   Here's how we would forward to that domain name. For your domain substitute your domain name for
  1. Sign into
  2. Choose your domain and click on Manage
  3. Choose Advanced DNS.
  4. If there is a reference under Type for domain "parking," delete that line by clicking on the trash can on the right.
  5. Add your dotPhoto MyWebSite domain or album URL under Value.  For instance: where mylogin is your dotPhoto login. (Of course, you must have set up My Web Site in dotPhoto for your page to appear.)
  6. Click on the check icons on the right that appear after you make changes to save each change.

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