How do I order portrait packages (Print Packages) at dotPhoto?

Print packages are groups of the same photo (one single pose) that you can buy in convenient groups that provide even more savings:

  • Package 1 2 - 5x7 1 - 8x10 2 - 4pk Wallets (8 wallets altogether) 
  • Package 2 4 - 5x7 2 - 8x10 2 - 4pk Wallets (8 wallets altogether) 
  • Package 3 6 - 4x6 6 - 5x7 2 - 8x10 4 - 4pk Wallets (16 wallets altogether) 
  • Package 4 3 - 4x6 2 - 5x7 4 - 8x10 4 - 4pk Wallets (16 wallets altogether) 
  • Package 5 12 - 4x6 12 - 5x7 6 - 8x10 4 - 4pk Wallets (16 wallets altogether)
Each Wallet is a 5x7 with 4 smaller photos suitable for carrying in a wallet.

To buy a Print Package:

If the photos belong to a professional photographer or a newspaper, go to the photographer's dotPhoto account. You do not need your own account to buy as a guest.  Note that, while dotPhoto provides 5 packages, your photographer may only sell one or two packages. Photographers select what they want to sell, and they set their own prices.

  1. Start with an empty cart.
  2. Choose the photo you want to print by selecting it in the check box. Since you are printing 8x10s, choose of photo that is at least 1800 pixels on one side. To see the size of your photos, click here.


  3. Choose Shop in the top menu, and click on the package you want in Print Packages -- or search for Print Packages:


  4. An information page confirms your selection and provides additional information. Click on the green button to proceed:


  5. Save the cropping selection, and you will see the package in your cart.


  6. Click on the green Checkout icon in the upper right to complete your purchase.

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