How do I order custom framed prints? Or custom laminates or custom canvases?

dotPhoto's Custom Framed Prints are the finest available anywhere.

  • The price of the print is included in the framing.
  • No cropping is required: you can frame any type of print because dotPhoto builds the frame according to your photo size.
  • You can choose up to three mats and specify widths and colors.
  • Print panoramas, too: the Custom Frame Shop prints any shape!
  • You can choose from three types of glass including Museum Glass or two types of Acrylic Plexiglas.
  • The dotPhoto Custom Print Shop provides every option you find at the best print framing shops, but it's less expensive, faster, and you'll get to see how it looks before you place your order.
  • You can also choose Custom Laminated Prints and Custom Canvases.

How to order a framed print

TIP: The Custom Frame Shop prints whatever image you supply. If you are not satisfied with your image, crop or edit it dotPhoto's online editor.

  1. Before going to the Frame Shop, choose a photo that you want to frame. Unless you choose a photo first, the custom frame shop has nothing to work with. Choose a photo by entering any album, and tapping the Check Box under the picture you are choosing.

  2. Tap on Shop, and choose the Custom Framed Print, Custom Laminate Print or Custom Canvas Print.
  3. Choose the Proportional Size and Frame Options. A green check icon shows the best size for the resolution of your photo. A yellow triangle indicates that this image may be slightly blurry at that size. dotPhoto recommends against printing sizes with a red warning triangle. Try clicking on different frames to see how your photo will look.

  4. Choose your mats and glazing (the glass or Acrylic Plexiglas.) To see how your final product will look, click on the Zoom button beneath the framed image.
  5. To order, inspect the price, and then click the orange Add to Cart button. The price is a custom price that changes according to the size, number of mats and glazing that you choose.

  6. The order has been added to your cart. If you have a added a print to the cart that you do not want, click on the Trashcan icon below that print.

  7. When you have selected all your items for purchase, click on the green Checkout button in the upper right corner to choose shipping options and pay for your order.

What is the best resolution for a large poster or framed print?

The largest image that dotphoto uploads is 36 megapixels or 6000 x 6000 dots, so, if possible, you want the longest side to be 6000 dots and the shorter side to be proportional. For instance, if you want a print that is 42" x 30", the best possible image would be 6000 x 4286. The image must also be 30MB or less; if the original is more than 30MB, try saving as a JPG or adjusting the JPG compressions.

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