How do I print every photo in an album? (order an entire album at once)

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There are two ways to print every photo in an album quickly. The main thing is to put all the photos in the cart.

1st Method: Select the album and Shop

  1. Select the album from the album page by clicking on the check box. (If you're not on the album page, click on MyAlbums.)

  2. Click on the Shop button. A sub-menu will pop down.
  3. Click on the Prints button.

  4. An Order menu appears. (a) Choose the number of prints you want to order and then (b) click on the Add & Checkout button.  

  5. When you have selected all the photos you want, click on the cart icon in the upper right corner and check out.

2nd Method for Ordering All Photos in an Album
  1. From within any album, click on the Select All button in the upper left. This selects all photos in the album.
  2. Follow from Step 4 in the first method above.

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