How do I sign in to dotPhoto as a member or guest? What if I forgot my password?

This FAQ explains the member sign in, forgot password and guest sign in processes. Scroll to the bottom for the Guest Sign in


Please make sure that you are signing into dotPhoto and not into the dotPhoto Help System. There is a help system login above, which is only for maintaining the help system.

Sign into dotPhoto here:

To sign into dotPhoto as a Member

  1. Click on theSign in link in the upper right corner. "Signing in" and "Logging in" are the same thing: both admit you to your private account.

  2. The Sign In screen appears. Enter your User Name (the name you chose when you joined dotPhoto) and your password. Your password will not appear so that anyone watching you will not see your password. Clilck on the Sign in button to complete the sign-in process.

  3. You are signed in, and the area in the upper right corner confirms your sign in. In the illustration below, bdag is the account name, there are 5 items in the cart, and, when you click on the down arrow to the right of the account name, you can see that this is a dotPhoto Club account.

  4. If you do not see your user name at the top right corner of the page, you have probably signed in with the wrong password or made a typo. Please try again. If you still do not see your user name, try the Forgot Password process described next.

If you have forgotten your password
  1. On the Sign In screen, click on the forgot password button.

  2. Enter only one: your user name OR your email. If you enter your user name, dotPhoto will send your password to the email address registered with the account. If you enter your email address, dotPhoto will check the email address and send the password to the address.

  3. If you no longer have access to the email address in your dotPhoto account, please write to

To sign in as a guest
There are three ways to sign in as a guest:
  1. Sign in with the user name of the account owner and a guest password that the account owner has supplied. For many accounts, no guest password has been set up, so you can leave the password blank and click on the Guest Sign In button:

  2. Sign in with user name of the account and an album password that the account owner has applied to see private albums in that account. This is a popular way for wedding photographers to share accounts. Type the album password in the Guest Password field.
  3. A dotPhoto account owner can also send you a link that takes you directly into an album. This method does not require a user name or password: just click on the link. The link looks like this:

dotPhoto customer service cannot provide private information about our owner's accounts. If you have lost an account name or guest password, please contact the account owner directly.

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