How can I order 4x8 Holiday Cards at dotPhoto? Does each card include an envelope?

dotPhoto offers customizable, traditional 4x8 single-sided photo cards, folding 3x5 and 5x7 cards with interior messages and photos, plus 3x5, 4x9, 5x5, and 5x7 single-sided "flat" cards. Most cards are available in matte or glossy, and many cards are also available in Felt and Pearl finishes. 

Felt Paper is a 100# cover stock in Ultra Bright White;  Pearl is a 98# premium card stock with a pearlescent shimmer

Cards can feature from one to nine of your photos. Many cards also offer customizable message blocks.

Each card comes complete with an appropriately sized mailing envelope

Cards are sold with quantity price breaks and free economy shipping for dotPhoto Club Members

Click here for pricing including quantities and pack pricing

How to order a 4x8 dotPhoto Holiday Card in 50 seconds

  1. Sign into dotPhoto. If you are not signed in, you will not see your photos in the card designer.
  2. Click on Shop on the left menu, and choose Cards.


  3. Choose the type of card you want from the drop-down menu:


  4. Choose the group of cards you want:  for instance, Holiday, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's.


  5. Choose a Design you want.


  6. Choose images for your card.


  7. Change the text on the front of the card by choosing the Text button, enter your text, and then pressing the Enter key. Not all cards require or provide text boxes.


  8. If you are making a folding card, look in the upper right of the screen, and choose the other pages of the card. Then add text and images as required for those pages. "Flat" cards like the 4x8s or flat 3x5s are single-sided, so you do not have fill out multiple sides.


  9. You don't have to finish your card at a single sitting. Even if you do, we recommend saving your card as a project because you may want to make changes to it after adding it to your cart.


  10. When you're ready, add your card to your cart, and choose the number that you want to order! If you have saved your project, choose Order more items and then Add to Cart.



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