How can I order 4x8 Holiday Cards at dotphoto? Does each card include an envelope?

dotphoto's traditional 4x8 single-sided photo cards are completely customizable and an economical choice.

  • 4x8 Cards can feature multiple photos and customizable messages.
  • Each card includes a white mailing envelope
  • Choose Glossy or Matte in Print Options in the dotphoto cart.
  • Free economy shipping for dotphoto Club and Subscribing Members. (Orders of $10 or more - 15 cards or more.)

How to order a 4x8 dotphoto Holiday Card in about a minute

  1. Sign into dothoto. If you are not signed in, you will not see your photos in the card designer.
  2. Click on Shop on the top menu, and choose Card or TAP HERE FOR ALL GREETING CARDS.
  3. Tap on the green Create button.
  4. Scroll up and down to choose the design you want.

    To use your own design, choose Full Size Photo.  The best resolution is 1240 dots by 2480 dots. (Leave a 20 pixel border on each side.) Keep text and key photo elements like faces at least 1/4 inch from the edge to ensure that they are not cut off.
  5. Tap the dotphoto link to access your photos.

  6. Add photos. Choose a dotphoto album, tap a frame in your card, and tap a photo to place it. Drag the hand icon in the center of the photo to move the photo within the frame.
  7. Add text.  Tap the Add text area. Type or paste your message into the text box. If the text does not fit, tap the text button A| and choose a different font or font size in the text information box on the left.

  8. Tap the Preview button in the upper right to see how your printed card will look.

  9. Tap the Save button to save your project. This will enable you to work on your card later, and will also keep a copy of your project in case you have made a mistake and want to change something. For instance, a spelling error.
  10. Tap the blue Add to Cart button in the upper right. Your card appears in your dotphoto cart, and is ready for check out.

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