How can I convert my photo files to JPG? Is there free photo editing software?

Many people ask us how to convert their large RAW files to JPG files for uploading to dotPhoto. Others want to know about free photo editing tools.

Here is a collection of really excellent free editing and conversion software - plus free software for making photo books and uploading from your phone.

Top 5 Free Software Tools

1. dotPhoto Book-Making Software
   Make the best photo books on the planet
2. dotPhoto iPhone/iPad Mobile App
    Easily upload photos from Apple devices
3. dotPhoto Mobile Android App
   Easy photo upload from Android phones & tablets
4. Free Photo Editor and Bulk Conversion
   Sophisticated editing program
5. - The Mobile Web
    Run from your phone: 86 web apps, 1% of the effort

Online RAW file converter

Drag files in, convert, and save.

Converts many photo file types plus audio and video.

This sophisticated editing program also offers a powerful bulk conversion routine.

Instructions for converting from RAW to JPG in Irfranview

Open-source vector graphics editor that will output to SVG files

Open-source image retouching tool

Helpful changes that can shrink your files

When using any software, there are several changes that will shrink your files without losing resolution that you can see or print.

  1. Convert from a RAW file to JPG. The JPG format is more compact. Unless you are a professional photographer who intends to print very large images, you don't need the RAW file.
  2. Reduce the image size so that the largest side is 6000 pixels. For instance, let's say your image is 9600 x 4800; reduce it to 6000 x 3000 (tell the software to keep the dimensions proportionate.)  6000 pixels is large enough to print everything that dotPhoto makes -- even large posters. It is far larger than images displayed on computer and phone screens, so you will never see that resolution when you're sharing.
  3. Change the JPG compression factor. All software has a compression factor for saving JPGs. Changing this even slightly -- to 10% -- can dramatically change the size of a saved file. The JPG saving options in your software may looking something like this:

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