dotPhoto Pros: Can I display nudes? What is tasteful nudity? What can I print?

dotPhoto is a family-friendly web site. Anything that you would put on your family coffee table may appear in public albums. You can store, share and sell other images in private albums that are password-protected. To add a password to an album, click on the Organize menu on the left and then Album Settings. Once you establish the password, simply share that password with guests in order for them to see that album. Public images that are inappropriate for public spaces will be deleted. 

What pictures will dotPhoto print?
People have depicted erotic acts since prehistoric times -- and even the Supreme Court has a hard time defining pornography, so who are we to censor? Our official policy is that we will print "tasteful nudity," which does not include sex acts. dotPhoto reserves the right not to print images that it deems objectionable in its sole discretion.

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