New Zealand
New Zealand
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MoreNewZealand09 Here are photos from Joyce's Nikon Coolpix P4 of our month in New Zealand.  We carried the "point & shoot" P4 on all our kayaking trips, many of our hikes, our outings to the Botanical Gardens of Christchurch, and our sail of Akaroa Bay.  Group photos show
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NewZealand09 These photos from my D80 Nikon show the highlights of our month of March in New Zealand.  The first few days we  spent with our UW-Madison friends, Murray and Megan, in their beautiful new home on Aukland Bay.  Then two weeks with Active New Zealand, kayak
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New Zealand #4 More pictures from my big adventure of a lifetime
New Zealand #4
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New Zealand #2 Part 2 of my grand experience
New Zealand #2
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New zealand part 1 This is the first 3 days of my trip to New Zealand in 2012.
New zealand part 1
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New Zealand
New Zealand
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New Zealand Hollyford More of the Hollyford Track
New Zealand Hollyford
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Places to Visit NZ
Places to Visit NZ
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NZ Scenic
NZ Scenic
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