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Montreal 2005 Trip to Montreal Canada
Montreal 2005
Visits: 8854
Granvenhurst 2005 Gravenhurst Canada 2005
Granvenhurst 2005
Visits: 8835
Banff-Lake Louise Trip
Banff-Lake Louise Trip
Visits: 7454
Mike's photos Photos of St. Mary's Church at Church Point and St. Bernard's Church at St. Bernard, NS.
Mike's photos
Visits: 7239
Mike's photos Photos of Truro and the tidal bore taken by Mike with his camera.
Mike's photos
Visits: 7141
Old Town, Maine 2006 Over visit with Kathy and Mike in Old Town, Maine.  We went on a moose hunt and ended up stuck -- Mike's friend, Bryan, drove 1-1/2hr to pull us out.  We never did see a moose! We did go to Fort  Knox on Sunday July 23, 2006.
Old Town, Maine 2006
Visits: 6944
Mike's Photos Hopewell Rocks and the Hopewell Rocks Motel (where we stayed) taken by Mike on his camera.
Mike's Photos
Visits: 6726
Mike's photos Photos taken by Mike with his camera of our trip from Hopewell Cape New brunswick to Truro, Nova Scotia with a stop in Parrsboro.
Mike's photos
Visits: 6467
Canada 1
Canada 1
Visits: 6098
Canada 2009
Canada 2009
Visits: 5923
Visits: 5739
Newfoundland Aug 2009
Newfoundland Aug 2009
Visits: 5620
MaritimeProvinces Photos from our Road Scholar tour of Canada's Maritime Provinces  -  Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.  The tour featured Ann of Green Gables, the Acadian exodus, a 500-acre organic farm, a blueberry farm, a winery, a buggy factory, and
Visits: 4789
Algonquin Park 2017 Camping in Algonquin Park, Rain Lake.  Aug. 30 to Sept. 2, 2017.
Algonquin Park 2017
Visits: 4267
August 28, 2008 Canadian Rockies 8/2008
August 28, 2008
Visits: 4163
October, 2018 Our Canadian Rocky Trip
October, 2018
Visits: 1493
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