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2011_07_15 - Marco Hi, it’s Marco here. Well, what can I tell you about the last few weeks – its been a bit of a journey making it to my“forever home”.  I won’t bore you with the details as I know you already know them!  I’m soooo glad that the fates conspired so that I ende
2011 07 15 - Marco
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2012_01_26 - Rachel Rachel who is now called Roxy with Sue her new owner, she has gone to live in Lichard in Bridgend
2012 01 26 - Rachel
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2011_09_18 - Billy Black Billy who now lives with Kris, Emma and the family as well as the JRT has now been joined with a very handsome white and brindle boy called Stevie.
2011 09 18 - Billy
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My Joe
My Joe
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Toby Rescued Racers returnee Toby goes to live with Bob, Nancy, Misty and Billy in Tintern
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2011_05_08 - Romany Now called Rosie she has gone to live with Les, Leslie and Hector the Terrier in Gosport
2011 05 08 - Romany
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2011_06_11 - Polo
2011 06 11 - Polo
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2012_03_01 - Loxo Loxo, now called Malky has been homed by our Secretary Liz and her husband Pete after the sad loss of Otto
2012 03 01 - Loxo
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Louis Louis lands a new home in Llanishen with Peta & Daniel
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2012_03_01 - Lena Lena who came from a very poor enviroment is now happily homed with Rob and Emma in Cardiff
2012 03 01 - Lena
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2011_05_12 - Eddie Rescued Racers returnee Eddie is now called Ollie and has settle well with Pat in Pembroke and will soon enter training to be a P.A.T. dog.
2011 05 12 - Eddie
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2011_08_12 - Sammy This is Sammy who has gone to his new home in the Rhondda with Darren, Karen and family and no less than three cats

Who says greyhounds and cats don't mix
2011 08 12 - Sammy
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2011_09_17 - Billy Billy who has gone to live with Kris, Emma and family in the Rhondda, not forgetting two other rescues in the form of a JRT and a Bishon
2011 09 17 - Billy
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2011_04_22 - Biscuit Rescued Racers returnee Biscuit now lives with Alwyn and Lynn in Neath. She has already been on her holidays in the caravan and loved it!
2011 04 22 - Biscuit
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2011_09_10 - Leon After a year in kennels the very handsome Leon has FINALLY got a lovely new home with Lisa in Aberdare
2011 09 10 - Leon
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2012_04_22 - Daz Rescued Racers returnee Daz with his new owner Phil. Phil and Daz live in Newport and Phil is a brother-in-law to Lynn who owns Samina.

Photos taken at the Caldicot Street Collection
2012 04 22 - Daz
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2012_05_28 - Jodie The very pretty Jodie who has now gone to join Steve, Suzanne and effervescent Shelley on the beautiful Gower.
2012 05 28 - Jodie
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2011_05_08 - Lola Settled well with Dominic and his son in Bridgend

Sadly Dominic was taken seriously ill and Lola was reluctantly returned, however she has since been rehomed with long standing Rescued Racers supporters Caroline, Essex and family in Cardiff
2011 05 08 - Lola
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2013_01_15 - Dottie Dottie who was rescued from an allotment in Yorkshire to her new home with Non and her son Paddy in Haverfordwest
2013 01 15 - Dottie
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Jack, Boyd & Mercury Jack goes to his new home in Newtown, while Mercury (now called Oscar) finds a new home in Bridgend and Boyd (now called Billy) goes to his new home in Prestatyn North Wales.
Jack, Boyd & Mercury
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2012_08_03 - Marcus The very handsome Marcus who has landed on his paws well and truely by taking up residence with Susan in the rolling hills of the Brecon Beacons.
He shares his day with Rosie the Collie and Rollo the Labrador cross.
2012 08 03 - Marcus
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2011_08_17 - Jenny This is the very pretty Jenny who is now living with Andrea and family in West Wales
2011 08 17 - Jenny
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Raffa Now called Ralphie he now lives in Cardiff
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2012_08_29 - Danny Danny was taken to the vet to be PTS because of a broken toe, thankfully Hope Rescue stepped in and saved the day, they asked if Rescued Racers could help and we were only too happy to oblige.
After a few emails, Paula from Barry who we had homed Maggie t
2012 08 29 - Danny
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2012_07_05 - Boo This is Boo who has gone to live near Lampter with Chris and her grand daughter Daisy
2012 07 05 - Boo
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2011_09_22 - Nikki Nikki has now been rehomed with Faye and family in the Rhondda
2011 09 22 - Nikki
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2012_08_28 - Horace This is the very handsome Horace who through a colaboration with Greyhound Rescue Jersey has for a wonderful new home with Carol and family
2012 08 28 - Horace
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2012_11_14 - Faith This is Faith who has now gone to her new home in Letterston to live with Paul, Jill, Sassy the King Charles Spaniel and Petal the cat.
2012 11 14 - Faith
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2013_01_30 - Willow Newly rehomed Willow who by the way picked out her new chair within the first 24 hours of her going to live with Jean and her son in Gowerton
2013 01 30 - Willow
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2011_06_16 - Jenny Jenny with her new owner in Narbeth
2011 06 16 - Jenny
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2012_10_01 - Rory After coming over from Ireland a short time ago, Rory has well and truely landed on his paws and is living it up in Port Talbot with Kaye and Paul.
2012 10 01 - Rory
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2012_11_14 - Millie This is the adoreable Millie who has gone to live in Caerphilly with Sue and little Chico.
A match made in heaven
2012 11 14 - Millie
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Adoptions Dec  2008 Here are some of the photos from the recent adoptions of Boomer, Carm and Tucker.  I also included photos of Elton's new foster family and home.
Adoptions Dec 2008
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2014_02_07 - Scooby This is Scooby who has come over to live with Margaret and fellow Rescued Racer Ollie in Symons Yat
2014 02 07 - Scooby
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2013_11_05 - Ollie This is the very laid back Ollie who went to his new home in the picturesque Forest of Dean to live with Margaret

Have a greyt life handsome boy
2013 11 05 - Ollie
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