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Adoptions Dec  2008 Here are some of the photos from the recent adoptions of Boomer, Carm and Tucker.  I also included photos of Elton's new foster family and home.
Adoptions Dec 2008
Visits: 7888
Thomas Happily homed in Barry with Paul and family not forgetting Scooby the greyhound.
Visits: 7732
Billy Rescued Racers 1st homing after our return.
Billy was homed to Bob & Nancy in Tintern
Visits: 7686
Black Rio Rio goes to Cardiff
Black Rio
Visits: 7131
Millie Little Mille goes to live with her new friend Molly the whippet in Salford
Visits: 6960
Alfie & Finley Alfie with Liz and Finley with her husband Peter before setting off to thier new homes in Rumney and Barry
Alfie & Finley
Visits: 6925
Max Leicester bound Max
Visits: 6907
Sally Sally has a wonderful home with Mike, Joan and the ever handsome George
Visits: 6903
Sarah The very pretty Sarah goes to live with Lynda and David in Cardiff
Visits: 6884
Kira & Fergus Kira and Fergus with Liz before they go to meet their new families in Ebbw Vale and Mountain Ash
Kira & Fergus
Visits: 6779
Will Will the greyhound gets a second chance after Rescued Racers saves him from a life of abuse. He moves in with Kiri, Lisa and Ozzie the cat.
Visits: 6765
Amii Now living with Prof. & Mrs Towill in Radyr
Visits: 6762
Annie From Limerick to Pontyclun Annie gets a second chance at a better life
Visits: 6758
2011_02_07 - Grace Grace is a Rescued Racers returnee, through no fault of her own, but after just a few days shes back where she belongs in a loving home, this time with Trica and little Oz
2011 02 07 - Grace
Visits: 6743
Tonypandy Fundraiser Rescued Racers 1st ever fundraisier. Thanks to the management of Somerfield in Tonypandy
Tonypandy Fundraiser
Visits: 6727
Flynn The very handsome Flynn goes off to Gorseinon, near Swansea
Visits: 6689
Porth Fundraiser Many thanks to the management of Pioneer store in Porth
Porth Fundraiser
Visits: 6654
2011_03_04 - Fiona Fiona now called Lola who has gone to live with Kerry, Andy and family in Newport not forgetting Lily as well as Toby the cat
2011 03 04 - Fiona
Visits: 6614
Caesar Caesar is Southampton bound for a new home
Visits: 6584
Murphey Steve, Jenny and family from Macclesfield agreed to adopt 18 month old Murphey
Visits: 6581
Sammy Carol, Paul and family from Stoke On Trent adopt Sammy
Visits: 6573
2011_02_07 - Allanah This is the very pretty Allanah now called Ellie, she wandered into the rescue in Ireland a bag of bones and has now found a lovely home in West Wales with Helen and the family, not forgetting Toffee the cat

Dear Sam,

As its been a year since i arriv
2011 02 07 - Allanah
Visits: 6487
Gina Gina has a new home in Portsmouth
Visits: 6485
Samina Sweet little Samina goes to live with Lynn in Gwent
Visits: 6464
2011_03_14 - Rooney Homed just before Christmas when I took my life in my hands with all the snow, Rooney has settled well into his new home in Cardiff with Jo and the kids
2011 03 14 - Rooney
Visits: 6453
George Nowliving with Mike and Joan in Trelewis near Merthyr
Visits: 6412
2011_04_23 - Daz Daz departs for the Rhondda to live with Rachel, Ray. Mark and the cats
2011 04 23 - Daz
Visits: 6346
2011_01_28 - Lottie Little Lottie came from the pound in Ireland into a wonderful home with Daniel & Melita near Crickhowel
2011 01 28 - Lottie
Visits: 6310
Cardiff Half Marathon Completed by Peta, Daniel and Daniel's brother David on behalf of Rescued Racers
Cardiff Half Marathon
Visits: 4757
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