Azreal 06/11/06 1st show of Azrael Summer series.  Birchview Stables only.
Azreal 06/11/06
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MCEA 9/27/14 These are the photos of the show that turned out ok. The speed events did not turn out because I could not get close enough for my flash to work. I'm sorry if I missed getting a photo of you.
MCEA 9/27/14
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MCEA 10/1/16 MCEA 10/1/16 last horse show of the season. Dust played a factor in the quality of some of the pictures. Hope you enjoy the photos.
MCEA 10/1/16
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MCEA 6/6/15 McNairy Co. Saddle Club June Show
I got as many photos as I could before dark. Some photos may be dark, but I hope to be able to edit them soon to look a little better. Thanks for looking.
MCEA 6/6/15
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MCEA 5/2/15 First show of the season. These photos turned out really well. I hope you enjoy them.
MCEA 5/2/15
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MCEA 7/25/15 Barrel pictures are dark and may not be suitable for printing.
MCEA 7/25/15
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