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Buzz 071806 - KISS the Summer Hello 2006
 Buzz 071806 - KISS
the Summer Hello 2006
 Submitted: 7/24/2006
 Visits: 747
2004-11-13 The Untouchables @ Santa Ana Galaxy I arrived late to this sold out show and did not have much luck getting good pictures of The Untouchables.  This was a great show, and I got a few good video clips that are available for download from Image Station.
 2004-11-13 The
Untouchables @ Santa Ana
 Submitted: 11/27/2004
 Visits: 735
Homecoming 2008
 Homecoming 2008
 Submitted: 2/5/2009
 Visits: 727
2005-04-19 Thornbirds @ Hollywood Gig Their new friends at Music Connection Magazine have dubbed The Thornbirds "one of the best kept secrets in LA", and as such, featured their rockalicious rock star selves in their Best-of-LA MUSIC SHOWCASE on Tuesday, April 19th.  Since they were only playi
 2005-04-19 Thornbirds
@ Hollywood Gig
 Submitted: 4/24/2005
 Visits: 720
Buzz 060206 - Club Infinity Klear in concert at Club Infinity in Clarence (Buffalo), NY
 Buzz 060206 - Club
 Submitted: 6/6/2006
 Visits: 709
2005-06-04 The Curse @ El Monte Elks Lodge Several kids from my old stomping grounds of El Monte are in a great tribute to The Cure named "The Curse."  I am sharing a few pictures taken during this hometown show, but there are still many more pictures I need to go through to complete this album.
 2005-06-04 The Curse
@ El Monte Elks Lod
 Submitted: 6/5/2005
 Visits: 706
Judas Priest & Queensryche Tour 2005 Here are some pics I took at the Show in Dallas.Some are good and some are decent.I was a good distance away,and for how far I was I got some good decent shots
 Judas Priest &
Queensryche Tour 2005
 Submitted: 6/27/2005
 Visits: 703
UFO DALLAS HOB 4/23/08 UFO Live in Dallas,Texas April 23,2008. The Monkey Puzzle Tour.
 Submitted: 4/24/2008
 Visits: 696
Frank Marino Santa Cruz Pics from the 35th Anniversary Tour Of  Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush on 10/21/06 At The Catylast in California.
 Frank Marino Santa
 Submitted: 11/12/2006
 Visits: 683
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush Live at the Granada in Dallas,Texas Oct 26th 2006
 Frank Marino & Mahogany
 Submitted: 10/31/2006
 Visits: 681
The Donnas HOB 3/14/08 Here's some shots of the Donnas at the Cambridge room at the House of Blues in Dallas on 3/14/08
 The Donnas HOB
 Submitted: 3/15/2008
 Visits: 668
Fire Fly Stick Concert 8/4/07 These pictures were taken at the Fire Fly in Ann Arbor Michicagan.  All performers were involved in the 2007 US Stick Seminar.
 Fire Fly Stick Concert
 Submitted: 8/6/2007
 Visits: 664
Scum Scunge Dream World Music Complex These are the pics taken at Deam World on Friday Jul 01-05.Some i doodled around with in Photo shop
 Scum Scunge Dream
World Music Complex
 Submitted: 7/4/2005
 Visits: 661
Slide Photos These are a few of my slides out of my collection I have.
 Slide Photos
 Submitted: 7/10/2005
 Visits: 657
Texas Terror Tour Scum Scunge,Rotting Corpse and Spiracell
 Texas Terror Tour
 Submitted: 5/29/2005
 Visits: 656
Randy Jackson of Zebra March 19, 2005 These are some of the photos I took at the Randy Jackson(Zebra)Acoustic Show at Poor Davids Pub.
 Randy Jackson of Zebra
March 19, 2005
 Submitted: 3/20/2005
 Visits: 656
Benifit concert
 Benifit concert
 Submitted: 3/16/2006
 Visits: 650
Probation Violation Photos Some Live shots of Probation Violation from the Phoenix Room on Sept 8th 2006
 Probation Violation
 Submitted: 9/10/2006
 Visits: 648
Scum Scunge at Monte Carlos Scum Scunge Rocking the House Down at Monte Carlos in Arlington,Texas
 Scum Scunge at Monte
 Submitted: 9/27/2006
 Visits: 647
Scum Scunge 6-17-2005 Division 1 Live Photos of Scum Scunge from there Division 1 show Friday Night.
 Scum Scunge 6-17-2005
Division 1
 Submitted: 6/19/2005
 Visits: 638
Y&T In Santa Cruz
 Y&T In Santa Cruz
 Submitted: 9/7/2006
 Visits: 633
 Submitted: 8/8/2007
 Visits: 628
Wiggles Concert 2005
 Wiggles Concert 2005
 Submitted: 4/28/2005
 Visits: 616
USS Hornet Christmas Party Blue Star Moms Please email us for access to guest pictures USSHornetManny@aol.com
 USS Hornet Christmas
Party Blue Star Mom
 Submitted: 12/12/2006
 Visits: 615
2005-04-09 Untouchables @ Santa Ana Galaxy It had been nearly half a year since I last saw The Untouchables perform live, which is too long if you ask me, but fortunately I was able to attend this show and this time I arrived extra early to get a spot to shot a lot of video clips and take a few pic
 2005-04-09 Untouchables
@ Santa Ana Gala
 Rating: *
 Submitted: 5/2/2005
 Visits: 586
Buzz 050606 - Club Infinity SPCA benefit concert at Club Infinity in Clarence (Buffalo), NY featuring the band Firehouse.
 Buzz 050606 - Club
 Submitted: 5/7/2006
 Visits: 566
2004-12-31 DLR @ Universal Citywalk, FL These are the pictures Albert took at David Lee Roth's New Years Eve show at the Universal City Walk of Orlando, Florida.  These pictures were edited by my buddy Jeff.
 2004-12-31 DLR @
Universal Citywalk, FL
 Submitted: 2/25/2005
 Visits: 558
Milcho Leviev Milcho Leviev (p)
Karen Briggs (v)
Nedra Wheeler (b)
Tootie Heath (d)
 Milcho Leviev
 Submitted: 8/8/2006
 Visits: 557
The Donnas The Donnas Live at Trees in Dallas Nov 2004
 The Donnas
 Submitted: 12/10/2006
 Visits: 556
2000-03-18 First KISS concert at The Pond, Anaheim My first ever KISS concert at The Pond in Anaheim, CA.  I'm in Peter Criss (the drummer) makeup.
 2000-03-18 First KISS
concert at The Pon
 Submitted: 2/7/2006
 Visits: 555
An Evening with Music for the Mission Concert 2006-03-31
 An Evening with Music
for the Mission Co
 Submitted: 4/1/2006
 Visits: 554
 Submitted: 1/18/2007
 Visits: 545
Buzz 081706 - Thursday at the Square Photos from the free weekly summer concert series, Thursday at the Square in Lafayette Square, downtown Buffalo, NY
 Buzz 081706 - Thursday
at the Square
 Submitted: 8/22/2006
 Visits: 543
2005-04-20 Untouchables @ Long Beach Vault 350 Thanks to the new security in place at The Vault 350, I wasn't sure if I would be able to take ANY pictures at this special Untouchables show.  It was special for several reasons including the fact that it was singer Jerry's birthday, there was a surprise
 2005-04-20 Untouchables
@ Long Beach Vau
 Submitted: 5/8/2005
 Visits: 542
December 24, 2009 orcasrat 12/23/2009
 December 24, 2009
 Submitted: 12/24/2009
 Visits: 530
2004-08-22 Presidents of the USA @ Anaheim HOB Well, it seemed like everybody else knew that this "9:30" show was going to start at 9 PM, so I did not have a good spot to take pictures with the camera that I snuck in, and then security seemed to be watching me like a hawk!  These pictures did not come
 2004-08-22 Presidents
of the USA @ Anahe
 Submitted: 8/24/2004
 Visits: 528
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