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2003-08-02 Atomic Punks @ Whisky Another great show at the World Famous Whisky A Go Go in the Hollywood strip.

Before the show I was lucky to hang backstage with David Lee Roth band members Brian Young and Ray Luzier, as well as Ratt's drummer Bobby Blotzer.  Good times!!
 2003-08-02 Atomic
Punks @ Whisky
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 8/3/2003
 Visits: 4575
2002-04-07 Happening Harry preshow and All-Star jam Happenin' Harry, Ray Luzier, Billy Sheehan, Russ Parrish, Ty Longley and others join in this "all star jam" after the The Ducks played the Hollywood Cat Club
 2002-04-07 Happening
Harry preshow and A
 Submitted: 8/29/2003
 Visits: 3935
 Submitted: 4/5/2005
 Visits: 3866
2003-08-22 DLR @ Universal Amphitheatre My pictures of this great show.  The David Lee Roth band was having a great time in front of a home crowd!
 2003-08-22 DLR @
Universal Amphitheatre
 Submitted: 8/30/2003
 Visits: 3862
2003-10-04 Arrowfest @ Irvine Meadows What a day and what a concert lineup.  Tribute bands for Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.  Then Eddie Money, Cheap Trick, Foreigner with Lou Graham, Yes and Journey.  It was a fun day and since my friend Jeff was taking plenty of pictures, I only took these fe
 2003-10-04 Arrowfest
@ Irvine Meadows
 Submitted: 10/6/2003
 Visits: 3649
2003-07-23 Whitesnake @ SDSU Albert's raw pictures from the Whitesnake set of the Rock Never Stops tour.
 2003-07-23 Whitesnake
 Submitted: 9/1/2003
 Visits: 3613
2003-06-12 Ducks @ Viper Room My camera must have been on an unusual setting resulting in some interesting pictures from this rocking show!
 2003-06-12 Ducks @
Viper Room
 Submitted: 7/14/2003
 Visits: 3548
2003-12-27 DLR @ Harrahs Tahoe, night1 The first of two great David Lee Roth shows at Harrah's Tahoe @ Stateline, Nevada.  The show was great, and the highlight of this night was getting to meet David Lee Roth again after the show and hang around with the band.  Really good times!!
 2003-12-27 DLR @
Harrahs Tahoe, night1
 Submitted: 1/11/2004
 Visits: 3501
2004-03-25 Metal Skool @ Tustin's McClure's B&G This was the 2nd Thursday that Metal Skool played at at McClure's Bar & Grill in Tustin (so bummed I missed their debut show).  Highlights included a surprise cover of Nightranger's "Sister Christian", excerpts from Devo and Tears for Fears songs, a guest
 2004-03-25 Metal Skool
@ Tustin's McClur
 Submitted: 3/27/2004
 Visits: 3392
2003-08-08 DMP @ Hollywood Key Club Some raw & uneditted pictures the fun Oingo Boingo tribute band Dead Mans Party at the Hollywood Key Club.  It was also the birthday of DMP backup singer Heather.  Good times!!
 2003-08-08 DMP @
Hollywood Key Club
 Submitted: 8/14/2003
 Visits: 3308
Evan. Bridget Blucher Miarmar   Fl.
"When Mercy Walked In"
 Evan. Bridget
 Submitted: 3/12/2010
 Visits: 3237
2003-08-08 Jennifer Nash @ Hollywood Key Club Jennifer Nash is an interesting singer and musician who often joins my favorite Oingo Boingo Tribute band "Dead Man's Party" to play accordian on "We Close Our Eyes".  This was the first time I made it early enough to see her original band perform.  She wa
 2003-08-08 Jennifer
Nash @ Hollywood Key
 Submitted: 8/14/2003
 Visits: 3110
the Wiggles
 the Wiggles
 Submitted: 8/13/2004
 Visits: 3026
Primitive Quartet Primitive Quartet Photos
 Primitive Quartet
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 6/27/2009
 Visits: 2538
2004-07-23 The Go-Gos @ Costa Mesa, CA Pacific Amphitheatre I got a flat tire on the freeway and missed about half the Motels opening set, but the Go-Go's made up for my bad luck by performing a very entertaining music set.  Kathy left skidmarks on my heart.
 2004-07-23 The Go-Gos
@ Costa Mesa, CA P
 Submitted: 8/8/2004
 Visits: 2400
2004-03-11 Jennifer Nash @ Santa Monica's Havelles This was another interesting and entertaining Jennifer Nash show, with special guest guitarist Steve Bartek (of Oingo Boingo).  Combine that with regular bass player John Avila (also of Oingo Boingo) & a cool club on the West Side and you have all the maki
 2004-03-11 Jennifer
Nash @ Santa Monica'
 Submitted: 3/22/2004
 Visits: 2372
Y&T Calendar Photos Choose the 12 photos that you desire to use to create your calendar.
 Y&T Calendar Photos
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 2/13/2005
 Visits: 2058
2004-07-13 Atomic Punks @ OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA The Atomic Punks performed a free mid-week show at the Orange County Fair, in front of a big audience that included many friends & family (Ralph grew up in Orange County). This show was kid & family friendy, and it seemed like everybody was having a good t
 2004-07-13 Atomic
Punks @ OC Fair in Cos
 Submitted: 8/5/2004
 Visits: 1183
2004-03-05 Ultra Jones @ Santa Ana Galaxy This was my first time seeing Ultra Jones, a tribute to Tom Jones.  They were an entertaining opener for Dead Man's Party, an Oingo Boingo tribute band.
 2004-03-05 Ultra Jones
@ Santa Ana Galax
 Submitted: 3/22/2004
 Visits: 1119
Picnic Pops Concert (Printed) Grand Rapids Symphony at Cannonsburg Ski Area for the Picnic Pops Series.
 Picnic Pops Concert
 Submitted: 7/23/2004
 Visits: 1091
2003-12-28 DLR @ Harrahs Tahoe, night 2 This was the 2nd of two great David Lee Roth shows.  Jeff and I hung out backstage again, and right after Dave came out to start the show he shook my hand!  The show was awesome, filled with high energy and great music.
 2003-12-28 DLR @
Harrahs Tahoe, night 2
 Submitted: 6/18/2004
 Visits: 1080
2004-03-22 Thornbirds @ Viper Room another really big shoe
 2004-03-22 Thornbirds
@ Viper Room
 Submitted: 3/22/2004
 Visits: 1062
2001-07-05 Atomic Punks @ Fiesta Station, night1 After seeing a great David Lee Roth concert earlier in the week at the Sunset Station casino, the icing on the cake were a couple Atomic Punks shows at the Fiesta Station in North Las Vegas.  Here are pictures from the the first of two great shows.  Good t
 2001-07-05 Atomic
Punks @ Fiesta Station
 Submitted: 2/10/2004
 Visits: 1057
2004-01-19  Thornbirds @ Viper Room The Thornbirds had another great show at the Viper Room.  The crowd was the largest I had seen for them, adding to the enthusiasm.  Good times!
 2004-01-19 Thornbirds
@ Viper Room
 Submitted: 1/26/2004
 Visits: 1040
2001-07-06 Atomic Punks @ Fiesta Station, night2 After seeing a great David Lee Roth concert earlier in the week at the Sunset Station casino, the icing on the cake were a couple Atomic Punks shows at the Fiesta Station in North Las Vegas.  Here are pictures from the second of two great shows.  Good time
 2001-07-06 Atomic
Punks @ Fiesta Station
 Submitted: 2/10/2004
 Visits: 1033
2004-08-20 Presidents of the USA @ Hollywood Troubadour I had a lot of fun seeing the Presidents of the United States of America rocking the world-famous Troubadour in Hollywood, CA.  The place was packed making it difficult to get good pictures, but I hope these shots give you an idea of how entertaining these
 2004-08-20 Presidents
of the USA @ Holly
 Submitted: 8/22/2004
 Visits: 1024
2004-02-23 Thornbirds @ Viper Room The Viper Room seemed to be under new management, with some friendlier staff, which was refreshing.  There was a big turnout for those show, that included the debut of 2 brand new Thornbirds songs.  Good times!
 2004-02-23 Thornbirds
@ Viper Room
 Submitted: 3/7/2004
 Visits: 1016
2003-01-31 Atomic Punks @ Anaheim HOB, for official site My pictures exclusive to the official Michael Anthony website.
 2003-01-31 Atomic
Punks @ Anaheim HOB, f
 Submitted: 1/23/2004
 Visits: 1009
2003-12-31 DLR @ Sunset HOB David Lee Roth, on New Year's Eve, in Hollywood.  Does it get any better than that?  Unfortunately, the House of Blues has a very strict no camera policy, so it was very difficult to get a camera in and to take these photos.  The place was packed, security
 2003-12-31 DLR @
Sunset HOB
 Submitted: 1/2/2004
 Visits: 1006
2004-08-11 LA Guns @ Grove of Anaheim It had been probably 15 years since I had last seen this band, and even though I did not recognize any of their songs, I enjoyed their show.
 2004-08-11 LA Guns @
Grove of Anaheim
 Submitted: 11/27/2004
 Visits: 1004
Singing Cookes Singing Cookes Photos
 Singing Cookes
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 6/27/2009
 Visits: 989
2004-07-30 Sugar Ray @ OC Fair Sugar Ray entertained their hometown crowd at this fun show at the Pacific Amphitheatre inside the Orange County Fairgrounds.
 2004-07-30 Sugar Ray
@ OC Fair
 Submitted: 8/6/2004
 Visits: 956
 Submitted: 8/11/2005
 Visits: 938
Good Shepherd Quartet Good Shepherd Quartet Photos
 Good Shepherd
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 6/27/2009
 Visits: 865
 Submitted: 5/12/2006
 Visits: 849
CMA Fest  Wed 2007 Country Music Photos, Tanya Tucker, Cowboy Troy, Jason Michael Carroll, Elizabeth Cook, Darryl Worley, Jennifer Hanson, Mark Chesnutt
 CMA Fest Wed 2007
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 7/21/2009
 Visits: 833
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