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Second Show The second show at the Decca Furniture Mid-Autumn Festival, excluding the Magic Show (shown in a separate album).
Second Show
Visits: 1197
2007 Xmas in Dongguan Christmas in Dongguan, China.
2007 Xmas in Dongguan
Visits: 1186
Tony's 2006 Birthday Dinner celebrating Tony's birthday.  Dinner included trip and meal at East Ocean restaurant in Dongguan City.
Tony's 2006 Birthday
Visits: 1183
Visits: 1164
Finishing Line Scenes of the new finishing line on the fourth floor of the new building at Decca Furniture.
Finishing Line
Visits: 1156
Departure & Transport Awaiting departure to dinner and transportation in the Decca bueses.
Departure & Transport
Visits: 1149
In Hong Kong Again Flat Nathan visits Hong Kong again for a quick dinner and on to Bangkok.
In Hong Kong Again
Visits: 1148
Pousthouse Restaurant A visit to the Pousthouse Restaurant in Dongguan City, a favorite for Yunnan delicacies.
Pousthouse Restaurant
Visits: 1137
2008 Nov Lijiang
2008 Nov Lijiang
Visits: 1135
Sep 2005 Silk Road 9/12-9/27/05 China Silk Road and Taiwan trip
Sep 2005 Silk Road
Visits: 1097
Tibet & China in 2006 Trips to Tibet, Sichuan Province, Beijing, Water Towns in China
Tibet & China in 2006
Visits: 1091
Gillian 16
Gillian 16
Visits: 716
QingDao 15
QingDao 15
Visits: 709
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