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Lamb Pot Dinner at the Huanan Sheep restaurant in Chanan for lamb in hot pot.
Lamb Pot
Visits: 1542
A Morning Drive Scenes from along the drive to Decca Furniture from my apartment in New World Garden on a sunny day in July, 2006.
A Morning Drive
Visits: 1536
Holiday Golf Golf on Christmas and New Years over teh 2007-2008 holiday season in Dongguan, China.
Holiday Golf
Visits: 1536
Out to Eat We recently took Flat Nathan out to dine in Dongguan.
Out to Eat
Visits: 1530
Plant Dedication The dedication of the new building at Decca Furniture, Dahlingshan in Dongguan City, P.R.C.
Commemoration event for the completion of the 360,000 square foot addition to the facility, held primarily on the seventh floor or top of the building with recepti
Plant Dedication
Visits: 1528
Me & My Decca Friends Photos with my friends from Decca Furniture.
Me & My Decca Friends
Visits: 1508
Guangzhou Tour A visit to Guangzhou, China on a Sunday afternoon.  Attended with friend and associate Ed Sorenson, who contributed photographs.  Toured through Old City to the Liurong Monastery and the Temple of Six Banyan Trees, the tomb of Emperor Wen Li at the Nan Yue
Guangzhou Tour
Visits: 1507
Balloon Game
Balloon Game
Visits: 1507
Christmas Golf Christmas Day golf at the Hillview Country Club in Dongguan.  With Lucas, Leon, and Steve on a beautiful day that got warmer and brighter as the day proceeded.
Christmas Golf
Visits: 1504
Nan Yue Museum & Tomb A visit to the museum and tomb of Emperor Wen Li of the Nan Yue Kingdom in Guangzhou, China.  Photographs contributed by guest and associate Ed Sorenson on the trip.
Nan Yue Museum & Tomb
Visits: 1502
New Decca Offices Construction of the new offices in former showroom space at Decca Furniture in Dahlingshan.
New Decca Offices
Visits: 1492
First Show The first show at the Decca Furniture Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in Dalingshan, PRC.
First Show
Visits: 1486
Lucky Draw
Lucky Draw
Visits: 1485
Pin the Tail Game
Pin the Tail Game
Visits: 1484
Dinner Party Dinner party for Chinese New Year Party at Decca Furniture.
Dinner Party
Visits: 1476
Around Dongguan City Sites and locations around Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, P.R.C.
Around Dongguan City
Visits: 1467
Bryson Photos One for the Road Golf Society outing to Harbour Plaza Golf Club in the Houjie area of Dongguan, People's Republic of China.  Wonderful day of golf, with me on the winning team.  Golf stalled three times due to heavy lightning in the area, causing a delay t
Bryson Photos
Visits: 1458
Dongguan Roads
Dongguan Roads
Visits: 1454
A Saturday Ride Home Photos from my ride home on a recent Saturday afternoon.
A Saturday Ride Home
Visits: 1447
New Apartment My new apartment in the Kang Jing Tai building of New World Garden complex in Dongguan City.
New Apartment
Visits: 1446
Huaying Park A visit through Huaying Park in Dongguan during Labor Day week 2007.
Huaying Park
Visits: 1421
Visit to Qifeng Park Flat Nathan visits around Dongguan City and into and through Qifeng Park.
Visit to Qifeng Park
Visits: 1414
One for the Road The Grand Opening Celebration of the One for the Road bar and restaurant in Dongguan City.  Owned by good friend, Lucas, and managed by Jason.
One for the Road
Visits: 1403
New Years Day Golf Golf on New Years Day in Dongguan with Steve, Steven, Leon, Lucas, Carl, Big Mike, and Mike.  Play included an enjoyable scramble on a beautiful day of sunshine, crisp air, and cool temperatures.
New Years Day Golf
Visits: 1386
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