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dotPhoto Unveils Next Generation of Leading Photo Sharing Site

Consumers take center stage at, where digital images
become the dynamic building blocks for an exciting, interactive Web community
that celebrates the power of personal stories

Trenton, N.J.—June 1, 2006—Today dotPhoto announced the highly anticipated launch of the next generation of its flagship consumer service:, the most comprehensive multimedia and photo-sharing site, with features and services perfectly tailored to an individual’s special images, moments, and memories. Compelling and highly interactive, the new automatically builds communities for consumer photographers by providing a next-generation forum where they share life’s stories through the magic of digital photography.

With its incredibly clean design, intuitive workflow, and customizable features, the new enhances the amateur photographer’s experience from shutter-click to mouse-click, transforming their personal photos and videos into a truly engaging story.

“dotPhoto gives each and every photographer the opportunity to use their special images and videos in as many meaningful ways as possible,” says Fred King, Vice President and General Manager–Web for dotPhoto, a leading provider of photo, video, and multimedia applications, content, and services for wireless and Web users. “Every user gets that coveted and sometimes much deserved 15 minutes of fame when they express themselves to our online community, whether through a personal Web site, an on-line photo slide show, or customized merchandise gift. As a result, goes far beyond utilitarian—it completely engages our audience, and gives them the optimal member experience.”

The new has a redesigned ‘unified interface’ that makes it easy to access its friendly tools and features:

  • My dotPhoto streamlines user preferences. The dotPhoto landing page for members presents their most recently viewed or edited content for quick access, outlining primary actions such as Add, Shop, or Share, to increase user efficiency and streamline the search process.
  • My Albums organizes and stores digital photos and video. This features lets users print, view, link, and share their online picture albums with one simple click. Users can also change and update their album settings, and sort by name or dates.
  • My Shows puts special moments on display. Unique to dotPhoto, My Shows takes the experience of sharing great memories with friends and family one step further, presenting them to friends and family, or the whole world, using custom music, professional transitions, and great captioning.
  • My Web Site gives users their own corner on the Web. Here, members can quickly and easily create their own customized photo Web site. Selling photos is just a click away too – a feature unique to dotPhoto consumers.
  • My Projects manages project workflow. People can create memory and photo books over an extended period of time, rather than only in one sitting. Users can revisit and enhance their projects on an ongoing basis and add images over time, ensuring that every important event is captured in the memory book.
  • Top Picks creates the destination of choice for sharing with the world. Here, dotPhoto members can share their common experiences and interests by creating a story with a small group or opening up images to the broader community. Members can view the Editor’s Picks to view dotPhoto’s favorite content and stories from over 15 top-level topics and categories.
  • Merchandise is available in a variety of themes and styles. dotPhoto gives members the widest variety of theme-based merchandising options that fit all events and personalities. Ranging from under $10 items for the value buyer, to high-end premium products, dotPhoto merchandise is a way for everyone to incorporate their photos into a meaningful, personal gift.
  • Fast and easy editing with in-depth, easy-to-use tools. The new has enhanced its entire editing process from start to finish. The dotPhoto process works for both Macs and PCs, and ranks as the fastest in the industry. Once images are uploaded, industry leading on-line image editing tools make the editing experience enjoyable and rewarding. All photographers can preserve their images forever with dotPhoto’s flexible storage, and have those files immediately available as a high-resolution image.
  • “While technology and tools are always changing, the human experience lasts forever,” King says. “Our newly redesigned and re-engineered site brings technology and community together in a dramatic and meaningful way that’s never been done before. We invite everyone with a digital camera or camera phone to visit the new, and experience the next-generation of photo sharing.”

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    About dotPhoto, Inc.

    dotPhoto is an online (r)etailer and vendor of an integrated Web-to-wireless platform. The company offers compelling digital photo sharing and storage services through its Web sites for consumers ( and professionals ( dotPhoto also offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless applications that let consumers use their camera phones in new, innovative ways. dotPhoto’s Pictavision® application gives camera phone users a mobile photo and video portal that allows integration of easy-to-use camera controls with online uploading and sharing functions. dotPhoto’s ‘My’ Brands applications let consumers personalize their phones with rich multimedia content. The company’s Pictavision, My Brands, and other branded wireless applications, as well as OEM and co-branded applications, are deployed on 23 carriers in the Americas and India.