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pictavision®Getting Your Photos Online from Your Camera Phone Is Now a Snap

dotPhoto’s ‘photo-catching’ software lets you email your camera phone photos directly to your online account, regardless of your wireless carrier

West Trenton, NJ—August 24, 2005— Life just got easier for 158 million of America’s camera phone users. Now, just about any cell phone user can easily and instantly send their camera phone photos directly to an online photo account, to share, print, save, and create online photo slide shows. It’s all part of a new offering from dotPhoto®, the world’s hottest online photo sharing site, which boasts storing more than four times the amount of data contained in the U.S. Library of Congress.

The new service allows anyone with photo messaging services enabled with a major wireless carrier, as well as a slew of smaller carriers, to open a free account at, register for the service, and start emailing their images. It’s an easy single-step process. No more wires, no more memory cards, and no more emailing your images to yourself and then uploading them from home or work.

Instead, in one easy step, your images are online, an album is automatically created, and the images are stored in your dotPhoto account forever. And best of all, no more filling up your cell phone’s memory. That’s because regardless of where you are or what you are doing, you can snap, send your images, and start taking more. Even better, the service is free and requires no special software. Completely hassle and worry-free, dotPhoto preserves your images on secure and redundant servers utilizing RAID technology—which means your photos are much safer at than on typical home hard drives with lifetimes of three years or less.

“Camera phones let anyone document their lives anywhere, any time,” says Glenn Paul, President and co-founder of dotPhoto. “Now, those memories can be easily sent directly from your camera phone to the world’s safest online photo sharing site. Camera phones are rapidly becoming the device of choice for capturing memories. Our new service makes sure those memories can be preserved forever, and shared in hundreds of exciting new ways.”

For instance, dotPhoto lets users easily invite entire groups of family and friends to view and enjoy images online. The site’s tracking reports back who viewed your images and when, and allows your family and friends to add comments. And dotPhoto’s revolutionary multimedia feature, the dotPhoto Show™, unlike other multimedia shows, is completely browser-based. No special software to be downloaded, and no uploading of your completed shows. Simply send photos from your camera phone to create an instant dotPhoto Show, complete with music, and interesting transitions between your photos. You can also edit the Show to add your voice captions, graphics and more. Last month alone, consumers spent over 3000 hours viewing dotPhoto Shows on their computers.

For more information on dotPhoto and all of its online digital photo capabilities, such as sharing, printing, saving, and creating memories, please visit us at or contact Kathryn O’Connor at 610-642-8253, extension 54 or

About dotPhoto, Inc. 
dotPhoto, Inc. ( is transforming the way people enjoy, share, preserve, and profit from their digital photos. As the Internet’s premiere multimedia and photo sharing community, the company’s Web site offers the most comprehensive suite of digital imaging and multimedia tools available anywhere. These include the dotPhoto Show, an easy-to-use photo slide show that users can customize with background music, voice narration, graphics, and special effects; dotPhoto’s Photo Marketplace, where anyone can sell their photos for a profit; photo Yearbooks and Minibooks, and customized photo printing in a variety of sizes, and on T-shirts, mugs, posters, and other merchandise.