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dotPhoto, Inc. Named One of Top 50 World Wide Web Sites

WEST TRENTON, NJ-- dotPhoto, Inc. of West Trenton, NJ, has been named one of the top 50 sites on the World Wide Web by PC World magazine. dotPhoto was also named “Best in Coach” for online photography Web sites in the May issue of Wired magazine.

dotPhoto, Inc. ( is a privately-held online photo-printing, sharing and image e-commerce portal where members can print, share and sell digital photos. The company began its service in May 2000.

“The free service lets you create online albums, with sound clips (using your computer’s microphone) and captions to personalize your photo collections,” explains PC World magazine in its August 2002 issue. “Upload your digital prints, or send a film roll to dotPhoto and let its staff process and upload the pictures. The service’s free editing tools let you arrange and crop pictures and add text and sound.”

“Our patent-pending ‘talking pictures’ technology greatly enhances photo-sharing on the Internet,” says dotPhoto president and CEO Glenn Paul. “dotPhoto enables users to have a more fun, interesting and human digital photography experience.”

For businesses, dotPhoto offers a full range of digital photography processing and storage solutions. The Company’s state-of-the-art high-speed digital processing system enables rapid file transfer, processing and print output of digital images to custom print formats. Corporate customers can also use dotPhoto’s dynamic “talking pictures” technology to enhance their marketing and presentation efforts.

“Online photo-storage sites have come and gone, but dotPhoto is still standing,” says PC World magazine. Mr. Paul explains: “We’ve worked very hard to survive the dot-com meltdown. And while other online digital photography companies have been spending millions of dollars on advertising, we’ve been developing one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly digital photography Web sites in the world.”

The strategy has paid off. dotPhoto’s revenue has grown an average of 19 percent/month since January 2001, and the company surpassed 10 million uploaded images in July. “We’re adding more than 1.2 million images a month,” said Mr. Paul.

One key to the company’s success is its ability to allow newspapers and professional photographers to sell their reprints through dotPhoto. “These customers set their own prices; dotPhoto processes and fulfills orders and then sends them a monthly check,” says Mr. Paul. “This enables photographers to sell their photos online without time-consuming customer contact.”

In the aftermath of 9/11, dotPhoto has taken a patriotic approach to digital photography by launching its “Document America” program, which encourages digital photographers to create and sell images of American life and American icons on

“dotPhoto is well positioned to take advantage of the exploding digital photography market,” says Mr. Paul. “Unlike other companies, dotPhoto has a business model based on a real product with real profits—and that makes all the difference. Our business is growing and our profits are rising, which says a lot in this difficult business environment.”

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