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Grimes 2009 Reunion Grimes 2009 Reunion at Randolph Park in Dublin, VA.
 Grimes 2009 Reunion
 Submitted: 8/18/2009
 Visits: 609
Olga Magnusen's Retirement Celebration Olga Magnusen, Director of Career Services, retires after 30+ years of working at Florida International University--these are the pictures of the wonderful going away celebration that was given in her honor.
 Olga Magnusen's
Retirement Celebration
 Submitted: 12/18/2005
 Visits: 607
Aguilar-Herrera Reunion
 Submitted: 10/24/2006
 Visits: 595
Darryl Rutz's Retirement Party
 Darryl Rutz's Retirement
 Submitted: 3/4/2007
 Visits: 561
Hawaii Trip
 Hawaii Trip
 Submitted: 8/1/2006
 Visits: 558
Columbus, Ohio June 2006 all of our family pictures from down at Kathy and Todds house
while everyone was visting
 Columbus, Ohio June
 Submitted: 7/8/2006
 Visits: 549
Garden City West 71 - 35th Reunion The Garden City West Class of 71 had it's 35th Reunion at Whispering Pines Golf Resort, Pinkney, MI.  Copyright 2006, Kirt D. Livernois, Larry Coles and Denise Dellerree.
 Garden City West 71
- 35th Reunion
 Submitted: 10/10/2006
 Visits: 545
Tennessee Trip For Mary's death
 Tennessee Trip
 Submitted: 5/27/2009
 Visits: 542
Manila Trip January 2006
 Manila Trip January
 Submitted: 1/22/2006
 Visits: 541
Southern Maryland Celtic Festival - April 26, 2008 The Southern Maryland Celtic Festival is held annually in April on the banks of the Patuxent River in St. Leonard's, Maryland.
 Southern Maryland
Celtic Festival - Apri
 Submitted: 4/27/2008
 Visits: 538
St. Monica's Reunion 2/18/06 St. Monica's Reunion
San Francisco 2006
 St. Monica's Reunion
 Submitted: 2/20/2006
 Visits: 521
2005 Howard Reunion
 2005 Howard Reunion
 Submitted: 8/26/2005
 Visits: 521
HARDY Annual Family Pig Roast in Princeton, MO. Grandma & Grandpa's Farm.
 Submitted: 8/19/2009
 Visits: 521
Michigan 2004 California Rodeheffers visit Michigan Rodeheffers at Douglas Lake, Michigan.
 Michigan 2004
 Submitted: 7/26/2005
 Visits: 513
Parker Family Reunion Parker family reunion held at Roxand Township Hall in Mulliken, MI
 Parker Family
 Submitted: 1/20/2008
 Visits: 512
Arati's visit to Uma's house in April' 09 Hi,
These photos were taken during Arati's visit to Uma's house in Fremont in April' 09
 Arati's visit to Uma's
house in April' 0
 Submitted: 5/26/2009
 Visits: 502
Delran High School Class of 1981 25th Reunion Delran High School Class of 1981<br>25th Reunion<br>November 25, 2006<br>Knights of Columbus<br>Delran, NJ
 Delran High School
Class of 1981 25th Re
 Submitted: 2/7/2010
 Visits: 499
Portfolio - Europe04 We're off for the summer to see Friends, Family and new places in Europe!!!
 Portfolio - Europe04
 Submitted: 8/25/2004
 Visits: 496
RED HAT SOCIETY Red Hat Society at Burnaby Village. Red Snappers and Holly Berries.
 Submitted: 6/12/2005
 Visits: 494
Family Picnic 2003 Although it rained, didn't rain on our parade. Highlights of the day, Stacey showed off her ring, Margaret was here from Scotland and we met Jamie, Sharlene's hamburger turning boyfriend and Tanya her lovely friend. Many of the nieces, nephews and partners
 Family Picnic 2003
 Submitted: 8/12/2003
 Visits: 477
GoldenAnniv The photos in this album were taken June 26, 2010, the 50th anniversary of the marriage of Joyce and Morris Firebaugh.  We had a party in our backyard in the afternoon, and a dinner at the Racine Yacht Club in the evening, with Joyce's cousin Carol Joe sin
 Submitted: 7/14/2010
 Visits: 475
St. Sebastian 07 Reunion
 St. Sebastian 07
 Submitted: 8/20/2007
 Visits: 470
SJHS_Class of 1985_20th Year Reunion
 SJHS Class of 1985
20th Year Reunion
 Submitted: 7/9/2005
 Visits: 465
Uma's 2005 Phoenix visit Hi,

These photos were taken during the visit of Uma and Nithya to Phoenix.

 Uma's 2005 Phoenix
 Submitted: 12/29/2005
 Visits: 458
Uncle Duane's Carnival
 Uncle Duane's
 Submitted: 9/6/2008
 Visits: 444
Mom Vacation in VietNam
 Mom Vacation in
 Submitted: 6/3/2008
 Visits: 441
APO Tau Theta 2001 Reunion Reunion of the Tau Theta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at Wayland Baptist University in Plainveiew Texas
 APO Tau Theta 2001
 Submitted: 6/23/2007
 Visits: 441
Reunion August 22, 2005 Family Reunion at our house
 Reunion August 22,
 Submitted: 8/22/2005
 Visits: 431
'53 and '54 Class Gathering
 '53 and '54 Class
 Submitted: 8/4/2009
 Visits: 426
Lamonte's Family Kansas Photos
 Lamonte's Family
 Submitted: 11/5/2004
 Visits: 424
2008 JT/CT Alumni Reunion-Hot Springs Trip Hot Springs -Arkansas Trip
 2008 JT/CT Alumni
Reunion-Hot Springs Tr
 Submitted: 12/1/2008
 Visits: 423
Indiana / Cincinnati Trip Bobby's National Tournament & Walt's 25th Birthday
 Indiana / Cincinnati
 Submitted: 4/2/2006
 Visits: 422
DeSales 20th Anniversary Dinner Party Hello and Thank you DeSales Alumni for your visit to this online photo gallery.  All types of prints and gifts are available online via this web site.  You will notice several individual and group portraits taken during the evening.  The offical Group Port
 DeSales 20th Anniversary
Dinner Party
 Submitted: 8/9/2006
 Visits: 422
Family & Friends Reunions
 Family & Friends
 Submitted: 3/23/2006
 Visits: 419
Lesley SHSH Reunion
 Lesley SHSH Reunion
 Submitted: 8/8/2006
 Visits: 411
Family Gathering 2008
 Family Gathering
 Submitted: 9/25/2008
 Visits: 404
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