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2003-09-27 Atomic Punks @ Barrells, San Clemente CA What a fun birthday week, with Chicago & Metal Shop on Wednesday, the Larger Than Life Kiss tribute on Thursday, the M-80's on Friday and the icing on the cake, the Atomic Punks on Saturday!!  Surprisingly for this tiny venue, they sounded great, and it wa
 2003-09-27 Atomic
Punks @ Barrells, San
 Submitted: 9/28/2003
 Visits: 14056
Shania Twain
 Shania Twain
 Rating: *
 Submitted: 1/2/2004
 Visits: 13744
2003-11-15 Hottie Knockers @ Paladinos Coreen made her long awaited return to the band, sounding as good as ever!  The band also looked very good and they covered a great musical spectrum, completely surprising me with some really rocking songs by Janet Jackson and No Doubt.  They also covered
 2003-11-15 Hottie
Knockers @ Paladinos
 Submitted: 11/16/2003
 Visits: 11378
2004-02-28 Hottie Knockers @ Anaheim Press Box This was the first time the Hottie Knockers played in this little dive but it was still a fun show.  Some of the audience members had a little bit to drink, including the "green shirt guy" who kept yelling out "hell yeah!" and "can I be your groupie?".  Af
 2004-02-28 Hottie
Knockers @ Anaheim Pre
 Submitted: 4/17/2004
 Visits: 11273
2003-09-25 Metal Shop @ SF by Kristi Kristi's pictures from a Metal Shop show at San Francisco's Avalon Ballroom on 9/25/03
 2003-09-25 Metal Shop
@ SF by Kristi
 Submitted: 10/6/2003
 Visits: 10079
2004-07-03 Spazmatics @ Vegas Sunset Station It was fun seeing the Spazmatics again at Club Madrid inside the Sunset Station casino.
 2004-07-03 Spazmatics
@ Vegas Sunset Sta
 Submitted: 7/18/2004
 Visits: 8189
2003-09-24 Metal Shop @ Typhoon Saloon After hauling out to Viejas Casino for a Chicago show, I treated myself to a pre-birthday Metal Shop show at Typhoon Saloon.  As expected, it was a lot of fun and the place was out of control.  These are RAW UNEDITED pictures, not for general sharing yet.
 2003-09-24 Metal Shop
@ Typhoon Saloon
 Submitted: 9/29/2003
 Visits: 7122
2004-04-22 Metal Skool @ Tustin's McClures B&G Another fun Metal Skool show at McClure's Bar and Grill in Tustin, CA... although I had an expensive surprise after the show when I found out that my car was towed from the nearby "customer only" shopping center (where ALL the stores were closed!)... oh we
 2004-04-22 Metal Skool
@ Tustin's McClur
 Submitted: 5/9/2004
 Visits: 6461
2004-05-29 Atomic Punks @ Sunset Station near Vegas I arrived late to this second of two Memorial Day weekend Atomic Punks shows at the Sunset Station located near Las Vegas, NV, so I wasn't able to take that many pictures from further back.  Still, it was a good time at another good show.
 2004-05-29 Atomic
Punks @ Sunset Station
 Submitted: 6/12/2004
 Visits: 6078
 Submitted: 8/16/2007
 Visits: 5873
Emilio Antonio at CocoWalk
 Emilio Antonio at
 Submitted: 10/28/2006
 Visits: 5594
2004-12-08 Spazmatics @ Vegas Suncoast This was my first time seeing the Spazmatics perform at the Suncoast Casino in the vicinity of Las Vegas, NV.  I had a really great time at this club, as everything about it was great, from the dance floor, lighting, sound, no cover charge and inexpensive
 2004-12-08 Spazmatics
@ Vegas Suncoast
 Submitted: 2/5/2005
 Visits: 2528
2005-06-25 Square Wave @ Irvine Crazy Horse Yes, it was a bittersweet night at the Crazy Horse which was closing down due to a change in policy by the Irvine Spectrum. These are my pictures from the third (and last) music set where the Bootie Quake band was "fired" and replaced by Square Wave, who p
 2005-06-25 Square
Wave @ Irvine Crazy Ho
 Submitted: 6/27/2005
 Visits: 2417
2004-08-13 Spazmatics @ Agoura Hills Canyon This was my first time seeing the Spazmatics at The Canyon in Agoura Hills (although I had made the 85 mile drive from The OC once before for a Van Halen tribute band). Thankfully this time I played it smart and booked a nearby hotel room instead of drivin
 2004-08-13 Spazmatics
@ Agoura Hills Can
 Submitted: 10/17/2004
 Visits: 2335
Gladys Knight 6-26-04
 Gladys Knight
 Submitted: 7/4/2004
 Visits: 2270
2004-09-13 Metal Skool @ Hollywood Roxy, by Sabrina These great Metal Skool pictures were donated by Sabrina.
 2004-09-13 Metal Skool
@ Hollywood Roxy,
 Submitted: 9/30/2004
 Visits: 2261
2004-01-17 Hottie Knockers @ Hollywood Cat Club This was another fun Hottie Knockers show in a small club right next to the world famous Whisky a Go Go.  It was also the birthday of Shannon (the bass player), so everyone, especially Shannon, seemed to having an extra good time that night!
 2004-01-17 Hottie
Knockers @ Hollywood C
 Submitted: 2/4/2004
 Visits: 2252
2003-09-26 M80's @ Burbank Bar & Grill Kim celebrated her birthday a little early with friends and family at the Burbank Bar & Grill.  Fun night, and the band sounded great.
 2003-09-26 M80's @
Burbank Bar & Grill
 Submitted: 9/28/2003
 Visits: 2200
2003-11-10 Thornbirds @ Viper Room The debut of the Thornbirds, a tribute to The Ducks rock band, at the world famous Viper Room.  Great show + great sound + great set = great night!!
 2003-11-10 Thornbirds
@ Viper Room
 Submitted: 11/11/2003
 Visits: 2199
2004-04-08 Metal Skool @ Tustin's McClure's B&G Another great night of heavy metal at McClure's Bar & Grill in Tustin, CA (right in the middle of conservative Orange County).  This was a fun night where I took a lot video clips, so I only have these few pictures to share with you.  Hope you enjoy them.
 2004-04-08 Metal Skool
@ Tustin's McClur
 Submitted: 4/17/2004
 Visits: 2113
Grass Roots Barnstable County Fair 7/29/06
 Grass Roots Barnstable
County Fair 7/29/
 Submitted: 8/1/2006
 Visits: 1800
2004-02-20 Hottie Knockers @ Huntington Beach's TC Bar Making their way back to Orange County, the Hottie Knockers rocked out this little club on Beach Blvd.  The crowd seemed to enjoy them and I think they'll be coming back.
 2004-02-20 Hottie
Knockers @ Huntington
 Submitted: 4/17/2004
 Visits: 1779
2004-06-10 Thornbirds @ LA Joint The Thornbirds rocked this nice little club in LA called The Joint.  Despite the late mid-week show, it was great to hear them perform a variety of songs mixed in with a few laughs.
 2004-06-10 Thornbirds
@ LA Joint
 Submitted: 6/11/2004
 Visits: 1612
Southern Soul 2008
 Southern Soul 2008
 Submitted: 6/15/2008
 Visits: 1510
2005-05-18 Whole Lotta Rosies @ Htg Bch Hurricanes It was nice to be able to see this rocking all-female AC DC tribute band again.  Unfortunately, the dim lighting combined with the smoke machine ruined most of my flash pictures, and the opportunity to take some good pictures.  I managed to take a few pict
 2005-05-18 Whole Lotta
Rosies @ Htg Bch
 Submitted: 6/12/2005
 Visits: 1507
The Nutcracker at the Parks Mall
 The Nutcracker at the
Parks Mall
 Submitted: 11/16/2007
 Visits: 1499
2004-07-05 The Thornbirds @ Hollywood Roxy It was really, really nice to return from a holiday weekend in Vegas (and a couple Atomic Punks shows) to attend this Thornbirds show at the Roxy on Sunset.  The sound was excellent, the lighting was great, and the music set was rocking.  About the only ne
 2004-07-05 The
Thornbirds @ Hollywood Ro
 Submitted: 7/18/2004
 Visits: 1498
2005-04-16 Kick @ Gardena Normandie Casino Because of their late start and the fact that I had planned to see another GA show that night (which I did not have a ticket for) I was only able to stay for the first few songs of this set.  This was my first time seeing this tribute to INXS and I have to
 2005-04-16 Kick @
Gardena Normandie Casi
 Submitted: 6/12/2005
 Visits: 1496
2005-02-09 Electrical Storm @ Hntg Bch Hurricanes I found out fairly late that the U2 tribute band was playing nearby in The OC, but I decided to check them out.  I was able to catch about a set and a half and I really liked the sound of this tribute band.  The lighting and layout was not good for videos
 2005-02-09 Electrical
Storm @ Hntg Bch H
 Submitted: 2/19/2005
 Visits: 1480
2004-04-15 Metal Skool @ Tustin's McClures B&G After a long day (and week) I was only able to stay for the first music set, but it was worth it, as these guys provided a short a dose of heavy metal fun to get me through the rest of the week.  Here are a few pictures that I hope you enjoy.
 2004-04-15 Metal Skool
@ Tustin's McClur
 Submitted: 4/17/2004
 Visits: 1477
2005-06-25 Bootie Quake @ Irvine Crazy Horse Yes, it was a bittersweet night at the Crazy Horse which was closing down due to a change in policy by the Irvine Spectrum.  These are pictures from the first two Bootie Quake sets, which were a fun mix of disco and 80's music.
 2005-06-25 Bootie
Quake @ Irvine Crazy H
 Submitted: 6/26/2005
 Visits: 1436
2004-08-01 Spazmatics @ Hollywood Dragon Fly After a Heart show at The Greek I decided to catch a little bit of the Spazmatics show at Dragon Fly, where two fans from Vegas were visiting, and some old friends were visiting.  I had a great time, and so did everybody there (from what I can tell).
 2004-08-01 Spazmatics
@ Hollywood Dragon
 Submitted: 10/17/2004
 Visits: 1424
2004-04-29 Thornbirds @ NorCal by Jim Ervin The Thornbirds played a few shows in Northern California to promote their new album "All the Same".  These pictures were taken by Jim Ervin and sent to the band for sharing with y'all!
 2004-04-29 Thornbirds
@ NorCal by Jim Er
 Submitted: 6/6/2004
 Visits: 1423
2004-05-21 Atomic Punks @ Kozmos, HB The Atomic Punks played a fun and interactive show at Kozmios in Huntington Beach, CA.  Good times!
 2004-05-21 Atomic
Punks @ Kozmos, HB
 Submitted: 6/12/2004
 Visits: 1051
 Submitted: 8/14/2007
 Visits: 1033
2004-05-29 Spazmatics @ Vegas Sunset Station I had a great time seeing the Spazmatics again at the Vegas area Sunset Station on Memorial Day weekend.
 2004-05-29 Spazmatics
@ Vegas Sunset Sta
 Submitted: 6/12/2004
 Visits: 990
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