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 Submitted: 2/26/2006
 Visits: 4739
Birth announcements Birth Announcements created by Lullaby Designs - Contact Kathryn Shaffer at kathrynellen@yahoo.com.
 Birth announcements
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 4/30/2004
 Visits: 4458
May 02, 2005 Stan's Photos trip from Stillwater to Coyle pics of motorcycles west of Stillwater on 51, Langston University from hilltop 1 mile north on Coyle Road off of 33 highway, new road construction between hill west of Coyle and Coyle Road north of the Cimarron river, the two bridges, Coyle downtown, and s
 May 02, 2005 Stan's
Photos trip from Sti
 Rating: **
 Submitted: 5/2/2005
 Visits: 4343
Bram's Photography
 Bram's Photography
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 3/26/2005
 Visits: 4231
Sierraville, Calif. wildfire Sierraville, Calif. wild fire
 Sierraville, Calif.
 Rating: ***
 Submitted: 9/14/2005
 Visits: 4083
 Submitted: 10/15/2008
 Visits: 2508
Infrared Perspective of San Diego Old Town & Bahia Hotel Infrared Perspective of San Diego’s Old Town & Bahia Hotel.  Digital Infrared Photography is still in its infancy and offers the viewer a different perspective. Even though the images look like the old Black & White photographs.  Digital Infrared Photograp
 Infrared Perspective
of San Diego Old To
 Submitted: 7/11/2009
 Visits: 2329
Portfoliolio A whole bunch of Cape Cod
 Submitted: 10/8/2009
 Visits: 1117
Jimmy & Arlene Wedding album layout
 Jimmy & Arlene
 Submitted: 1/20/2009
 Visits: 982
 Submitted: 10/31/2009
 Visits: 917
Bellagio Hotel - Dancing Water Back-to-back stills that show the dancing water of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.
 Bellagio Hotel -
Dancing Water
 Submitted: 1/10/2013
 Visits: 531

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