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NYE 2006 WAPHC New Year's Eve 2006
 NYE 2006
 Submitted: 1/15/2007
 Visits: 2555
Fragile Hearts Fragile Kids Foundation event at Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Atlanta GA (10 Feb 2007)
 Fragile Hearts
 Submitted: 3/13/2007
 Visits: 1543
1/17/2007 5th & 6th Grade Cheerleaders
 1/17/2007 5th & 6th
Grade Cheerleaders
 Submitted: 1/18/2007
 Visits: 856
2006 Maid of Erin Maid of Erin 2006
 2006 Maid of Erin
 Submitted: 2/24/2007
 Visits: 754
2007 Court of St. Brigid Pageant Court of St. Brigid 2/17/2007
February 17, 2007
 2007 Court of St.
 Submitted: 2/24/2007
 Visits: 747
2007 Turbo Camp
 2007 Turbo Camp
 Submitted: 8/6/2007
 Visits: 741
082608 Pilots Honor Judy Langley The Darlington Pilots Club congratulates Judy Langley on her recent election to the Pilot International Board.
 082608 Pilots Honor
Judy Langley
 Submitted: 9/3/2008
 Visits: 706
2006 Polo Club Fall Social Our Polo Club Fall Festival, organized by Director Joe Sucamele, was held on a drizzly September 29, 2006 at the southwest end of Hurlingham Club Road.  
Thanks for the tent, Joe!
 2006 Polo Club Fall
 Submitted: 10/19/2006
 Visits: 694
picnic at russell creek park
 picnic at russell
creek park
 Submitted: 10/31/2006
 Visits: 690
Aug. 14 Chamber Function
 Aug. 14 Chamber
 Submitted: 8/15/2008
 Visits: 682
Fall Picnic
 Fall Picnic
 Submitted: 12/22/2007
 Visits: 675
Parent's Day 2007
 Parent's Day 2007
 Submitted: 1/22/2008
 Visits: 666
090308 Chamber HR Breakfast The Greater Darlington Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Breakfast Sept. 3
 090308 Chamber HR
 Submitted: 9/5/2008
 Visits: 632
101708 National Red Ribbon Week Kick Off Darlington County School District kicked off National Red Ribbon Week Oct. 17 in the Courthouse lobby in Darlington.
 101708 National Red
Ribbon Week Kick Off
 Submitted: 10/21/2008
 Visits: 613
Aug. 14 Lions Club
 Aug. 14 Lions Club
 Submitted: 8/15/2008
 Visits: 612
Darden TEP
 Darden TEP
 Submitted: 6/25/2008
 Visits: 546
C.I.D. (Center for Individual Development) Prom Night June 2, 2010 C.I.D. (Center for Individual Development) Prom Night June 2, 2010.  Images may be also be viewed on my Facebook.  Feel free to copy onto your own Facebook account.
 C.I.D. (Center for
Individual Developmen
 Submitted: 6/4/2010
 Visits: 497
2007-10 Art Lessons
 2007-10 Art Lessons
 Submitted: 10/17/2007
 Visits: 486
2010 Paddy/Joe Party St. Patrick and St Joseph Party
 2010 Paddy/Joe Party
 Submitted: 3/18/2010
 Visits: 460
2010 Court of St. Brigid
 2010 Court of St.
 Submitted: 2/22/2010
 Visits: 438
2010 Painting of the shamrocks
 2010 Painting of the
 Submitted: 3/18/2010
 Visits: 437
2010 Radio with Kathleen O'Neil
 2010 Radio with
Kathleen O'Neil
 Submitted: 3/18/2010
 Visits: 412
State Convention San Diego #244 June 22, 2011 Fraternal Order of Eagles 
San Diego Aerie #244
Host of the 2010-2011 State Convention
 State Convention San
Diego #244 June 22,
 Submitted: 7/25/2011
 Visits: 318
State Convention President Zeke visits Auxiliary
 State Convention
President Zeke visits A
 Submitted: 7/24/2011
 Visits: 313
Hospitality Room June 23, 2011 Fraternal Order of Eagles California Aerie / Auxiliary State Convention
 Hospitality Room June
23, 2011
 Submitted: 7/24/2011
 Visits: 312
2010-2011 State Memorial Service
 2010-2011 State
Memorial Service
 Submitted: 7/24/2011
 Visits: 311
Hospitality Room June 22, 2011 Part I California State Fraternal Order of Eagles State Convention
 Hospitality Room June
22, 2011 Part I
 Submitted: 7/31/2011
 Visits: 304
CMA Oregon SOR 2012 Christian Motorcyclist Association:

Oregon Seasons of Refreshing. CMAer's from all over Oregon and Washington joined in the Spring kickoff of biker season. We learned some new information from Tom and Kathy Palazollo. Said thank you to Joe and Judy for
 CMA Oregon SOR 2012
 Submitted: 4/26/2012
 Visits: 298
Diabetes Awareness Walk 2012 The Darlington and Hartsville Lions Clubs joined forces to raise awareness of diabetes, its complications and management through the third annual Diabetes Awareness Walk on Saturday. The 2.5-miles walk through town and Williamson Park benefited Free Medica
 Diabetes Awareness
Walk 2012
 Submitted: 4/23/2012
 Visits: 288
Federal Bar Association--31st Annual Judicial Review
 Federal Bar
Association--31st Annual Jud
 Submitted: 2/13/2012
 Visits: 278
AKA-Beta Beta 50th Anniversary_April 7, 2012 UCO
 AKA-Beta Beta 50th
Anniversary April 7,
 Submitted: 4/7/2012
 Visits: 268
Bayview #2323 November 28 Grant presentations & Birthday Dinner
 Bayview #2323 November
28 Grant presenta
 Submitted: 11/29/2011
 Visits: 260
Lodi Eagles #848 2012 Aerie Picnic Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodi Aerie #848 2012 Aerie - Auxiliary Picnic
 Lodi Eagles #848 2012
Aerie Picnic
 Submitted: 7/26/2012
 Visits: 240
2013 Court of St Brigid
 2013 Court of St
 Submitted: 2/18/2013
 Visits: 181
 Submitted: 4/15/2013
 Visits: 102
21st CharlesTown African Heritage Festival
 21st CharlesTown
African Heritage Festiv
 Submitted: 8/26/2013
 Visits: 66

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