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Snowshoeing Mt Baker Artist Point Heather Meadows hike to Artist Point at Mt Baker area

Agnieszka, Andrea, Beth
 Snowshoeing Mt Baker
Artist Point
 Submitted: 2/21/2006
 Visits: 4300
ATD LINES #0302: I am Canadian, Churchill, Wildlife-Stock 11-22-2001
 ATD LINES #0302: I
am Canadian, Churchil
 Submitted: 7/7/2007
 Visits: 2880
 Submitted: 12/30/2005
 Visits: 2424
Alaska Journey Our wonderful journey to Alaska
 Alaska Journey
 Submitted: 9/9/2007
 Visits: 2396
The Big Snow
 The Big Snow
 Submitted: 12/26/2008
 Visits: 1815
December 17, 2008 Well they said we would get snow - and boy did they underestimate their prediction. We got more snow here than they experienced at Big Bear Ski Resort.
The snow started falling around 1am and continued throughout the day and is said to continue throughout
 December 17, 2008
 Submitted: 12/17/2008
 Visits: 1122
02/09/2010 Sledding
 02/09/2010 Sledding
 Submitted: 2/10/2010
 Visits: 1034
POCA Blizzard of 2010
 POCA Blizzard of
 Submitted: 2/8/2010
 Visits: 819
Winter scenes of the cariboo winter scenes of the cariboo
  Winter scenes of the
 Submitted: 11/9/2010
 Visits: 813
March 03, 2012 snowy winter day in the small town of dalton wi
 March 03, 2012
 Submitted: 3/3/2012
 Visits: 465
Nature and Wildlife - Winter Landscape Nature - Winter Landscape
 Nature and Wildlife
- Winter Landscape
 Submitted: 5/7/2014
 Visits: 230

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