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 Submitted: 4/6/2009
 Visits: 4859
My Personal Album ...Mostly taken from my phone LOL
 My Personal Album
 Submitted: 8/23/2008
 Visits: 4582
Classic Moments How it all started
 Classic Moments
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 1/27/2009
 Visits: 4515
Cell Phone Pixs
 Cell Phone Pixs
 Submitted: 4/29/2008
 Visits: 4135
My First Album
 My First Album
 Submitted: 10/2/2008
 Visits: 3923
Florida Trip to The Fontainebleu Hotel 2/6/2013 Greg and Jo Anna went to Florida
 Florida Trip to The
Fontainebleu Hotel 2
 Submitted: 2/6/2013
 Visits: 1476
kids, vacation picts children, nature, ocean, marina, sea side, butterflies, flowers, natural, green, family, kids
 kids, vacation picts
 Submitted: 9/25/2014
 Visits: 292

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