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2009 Covenant Couples Gathering
 2009 Covenant Couples
 Submitted: 2/19/2009
 Visits: 372
Reuben and Rita Anniversary 4 22 12 April 22, 2012 Reuben and Rita Anniversary 4 22 12
 Reuben and Rita
Anniversary 4 22 12 Apri
 Submitted: 4/23/2012
 Visits: 366
Rainbow National Dance Competition Ontario, CA; May 19, 2012 I happened upon this event while covering the Tour of California at the Ontario Convention Center on Saturday May 19, 2012.  It is not to my usual Ballroom Dance Standards, but I enjoyed seeing the dancing and encouraged by how well these young kids were p
 Rainbow National Dance
Competition Ontar
 Submitted: 5/19/2012
 Visits: 352
Loma Linda Ballrom Dance, July 15, 2012
 Loma Linda Ballrom
Dance, July 15, 2012
 Submitted: 7/15/2012
 Visits: 340
Winter Ball  December, 2011 Winter Ball a charity event benefiting Children's Hospital, Oakland and held at St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco.  There were 30 new debutantes who "came out", including our granddaughter, Madeleine.
 Winter Ball December,
 Submitted: 1/5/2012
 Visits: 308
Walkathon 2012 The Annual Child School/Legacy High School Walk-a-thon held June 8, 2012 on the East Promenade is one of the favorite days of the year for students, teachers, and parents.  The event, started in 2008, began as a way to teach the students to give back to th
 Walkathon 2012
 Submitted: 6/18/2012
 Visits: 290
TCS_Middle School Dance 2013
 TCS Middle School
Dance 2013
 Submitted: 2/23/2013
 Visits: 197
April 28, 2013 Andy and Emily - Prom
 April 28, 2013
 Submitted: 4/28/2013
 Visits: 197
3rd Annual Purple Ball
 3rd Annual Purple
 Submitted: 10/30/2013
 Visits: 167
Purple Dance, November 16, 2013
 Purple Dance, November
16, 2013
 Submitted: 11/17/2013
 Visits: 165
Ramon Samiley Surprise Birthday/Fathers Celebration at Dancing in Riverside, June 14, 2014 Ramon Samiley's Family Gave him a Surprise Birthday and Father's surprise party and celebration at the Dancing In Riverside Dance Studio in Riverside, CA.  Several family members, friends, and dance friends attended.  There was more food that one would eve
 Ramon Samiley Surprise
 Submitted: 6/15/2014
 Visits: 149
Yzie's Grad Prom Night
 Yzie's Grad Prom
 Submitted: 6/20/2014
 Visits: 141
Celebrating Jane Meck’s 99th birthday at AARP Chapter 24 Highland CA Celebrating Jane Meck’s 99th birthday at AARP Chapter 24 Highland CA; Saturday Aug. 2 2014
 Celebrating Jane
Meck’s 99th birthday at
 Submitted: 8/2/2014
 Visits: 141
Epilepsy Dance Event SB CA, November 16, 2014
 Epilepsy Dance Event
SB CA, November 16,
 Submitted: 11/16/2014
 Visits: 132
AARP Chpater 224 Christmas Dance December 18, 2014
 AARP Chpater 224
Christmas Dance Decembe
 Submitted: 12/24/2014
 Visits: 130
Jane Love Meck's 100th's Birthday July 31, 2015 This Album contains photographs of the Luncheon at the Olive Garden on Friday and the AARP Dance on Saturday.
 Jane Love Meck's
100th's Birthday July 3
 Submitted: 8/2/2015
 Visits: 123
Loma Linda Ballroom Dance 10th Anniversary October 04, 2015 LomaLinda Ballroom Dance 10th Anniversary and Halloween Dance
 Loma Linda Ballroom
Dance 10th Anniversa
 Submitted: 10/4/2015
 Visits: 118
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