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AIPAC Summit-Hollywood, FL
 AIPAC Summit-Hollywood,
 Submitted: 10/26/2004
 Visits: 4085
Austin for co-pres
 Austin for co-pres
 Submitted: 9/22/2003
 Visits: 3783
NRA CONVENTION Photos from the NRA Annual Convention held in Pittsburgh, PA.  Some of the people are Ted Nugent; Zell Miller; Bob Barr; Scott O'Grady.
 Submitted: 4/22/2004
 Visits: 3451
2002 Jillian's First Year
 2002 Jillian's First
 Submitted: 2/28/2005
 Visits: 2468
Spring/summer 2005
 Spring/summer 2005
 Submitted: 9/3/2005
 Visits: 2465
Connecticut Ave Photos of Connecticut Avenue in Kensington, Maryland
 Connecticut Ave
 Submitted: 4/2/2004
 Visits: 2465
Clinton Library We went to the newest Presidental Library on Tuesday, December 28, 2004. The crowds have far exceeded expectations since the library opened on November 18. To quote from the official pamphlet -- "Presidential Libraries are not libraries in the usual sense.
 Clinton Library
 Rating: ****
 Submitted: 1/2/2005
 Visits: 2410
Condoleeza Rice In Halifax
 Condoleeza Rice In
 Submitted: 9/18/2006
 Visits: 2231
ATD LINES #1286: Seattle, Washington, WSF  Public  Hearing-Stock 04-25-06
 ATD LINES #1286:
Seattle, Washington, WS
 Submitted: 4/26/2006
 Visits: 2103
MTGA Legislative Day 2006 Photos of Bicycle Advocacy groups and Trail Organizations meet to discuss Bills affecting Bicycling and visiting with your respective office holders.  Copyright 2006 Kirt D. Livernois, KDL SERVICES.
 MTGA Legislative Day
 Submitted: 6/14/2006
 Visits: 1401
Vote For Nancy! 2006 Nancy Milliken Campaign photos 2006
 Vote For Nancy! 2006
 Submitted: 9/5/2006
 Visits: 1079
ATD LINES #1731: Seattle, Washington, Homeless Shelter-Stock 08-07-2005
 ATD LINES #1731:
Seattle, Washington, Ho
 Submitted: 8/3/2007
 Visits: 837
Presidential Debate 2004
 Presidential Debate
 Submitted: 6/25/2007
 Visits: 818
Mayann E Francis Lieutenant Governor N.S.
 Mayann E Francis
Lieutenant Governor N.S
 Submitted: 9/15/2006
 Visits: 746
Mary Jo Kilroy Special Event with Barack Obama Enjoy the photos online until July 30th, so purchase your enlargements soon, right from this web site.  - All the Best,  Darrek Robertson/ photographer
 Mary Jo Kilroy Special
Event with Barack
 Submitted: 6/13/2006
 Visits: 736
Rodney MacDonald Premier N.S. Rodney MacDonald is sworn in as Premier of N.S.
 Rodney MacDonald
Premier N.S.
 Submitted: 6/5/2006
 Visits: 723
Stephen Harper Prime Minister Canada Stephen Harper campains to become the new Prime Minister of Canada.
 Stephen Harper Prime
Minister Canada
 Submitted: 6/5/2006
 Visits: 710
Halifax Commonwealth Games Bid Announcement of Halifax Commonwealth Games Bid
 Halifax Commonwealth
Games Bid
 Submitted: 6/5/2006
 Visits: 707
Smart Energy for N.S. Smart Energy for N.S.
 Smart Energy for
 Submitted: 6/5/2006
 Visits: 706
ATV Operation N.S. New ATV Operation Laws in N.S.
 ATV Operation N.S.
 Submitted: 6/5/2006
 Visits: 697
Jack Layton NDP Jack Layton NDP Leader campains to become the new Prime Minister of Canada.
 Jack Layton NDP
 Submitted: 6/5/2006
 Visits: 692
Nova Scotia Year of the Vet Announcement of the Nova Scotia Year of the Veteran.
 Nova Scotia Year of
the Vet
 Submitted: 6/5/2006
 Visits: 679
Bill Clinton June 2, 2007 Bill Clinton at Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, 02 June 2007
 Bill Clinton June 2,
 Submitted: 6/4/2007
 Visits: 645
Aug. 12 McMaster at Free Medical Clinic Henry McMaster, Attorney General of South Carolina
 Aug. 12 McMaster at
Free Medical Clinic
 Submitted: 8/15/2008
 Visits: 635
547 29th Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94121
 547 29th Ave, San
Francisco, CA, 94121
 Submitted: 10/26/2009
 Visits: 611
Hillary Rally in Fort Worth 3-1-08 March 1, 2008 -- Rally for Hillary Clinton at The Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. Crowd estimates varied from 5,000 in The Dallas Morning News to as much as 10,000 in the University of Texas at Arlington daily newspaper, The Shorthorn
 Hillary Rally in Fort
Worth 3-1-08
 Submitted: 3/5/2008
 Visits: 592
LMB bike advocacy 2009 Bike Advocacy Day at the Michigan State Capital following the Lucinda Means Memorial Parade for 2009. Copyright 2009, Kirt D. Livernois, KDL SERVICES.
 LMB bike advocacy
 Submitted: 6/20/2009
 Visits: 576
011609 Solicitor Swearing In Ceremony Searing In Ceremony of Fourth Circuit Solicitor William Rogers on Jan. 16 at the Marlboro County Courthouse. Photos by Morrey Thomas
 011609 Solicitor
Swearing In Ceremony
 Submitted: 1/19/2009
 Visits: 573
Aug. 20 Economic Development Candidates Reception The Darlington County Economic Development Board held a meet-and-greet with the final two candidates for Economic Development Director on Aug. 20. On Aug. 25, the Board selected Robert Long.
 Aug. 20 Economic
Development Candidates
 Submitted: 8/27/2008
 Visits: 538
103108 107 Year Old Woman Votes Ada Nettles, 107, cast an early absentee ballot Oct. 31 in Darlington.
 103108 107 Year Old
Woman Votes
 Submitted: 11/3/2008
 Visits: 510
Bike Advocacy group shot 2009 Group portrait of the Bike Advocacy Day for League of Michigan Bicyclist on Capital steps. Copyright, Kirt D. Livernois, KDL SERVICES.
 Bike Advocacy group
shot 2009
 Submitted: 6/20/2009
 Visits: 505
Obama in Darlington Sen. Obama stopped at St. James United Methodist Church on Pearl Street to share his message with the congregation and other gatherers on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2008, during the Democratic Primary.
 Obama in Darlington
 Submitted: 10/30/2008
 Visits: 502
110408 Election Day Photos from Election Day at the polls in Darlington County.
 110408 Election Day
 Submitted: 11/5/2008
 Visits: 496
July 5, 2009
 July 5, 2009
 Submitted: 7/5/2009
 Visits: 481
Obama Washington High school, South Bend, In. 4/9/2008
 Submitted: 4/14/2008
 Visits: 479
062709 Health Day of Service National Health Day of Service at the Public Square in Darlington on June 27, 2009.
Photos by Tom Seay
 062709 Health Day of
 Submitted: 7/1/2009
 Visits: 459
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