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NN. 1975 Buick Century and Regal Photos of various bodystyles including coupes, sedans and station wagons along with interiors and optional equipment for Buick's 1975 intermediate-sized cars including Century and Regal. All images taken from the 1975 Buick full-line brochure
 NN. 1975 Buick Century
and Regal
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 5/7/2004
 Visits: 14243
J. Auto ads - Pontiac (1955-64) A look at Pontiac advertisements from 1955 to 1964.
 J. Auto ads - Pontiac
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 7/24/2003
 Visits: 9377
JJ1. Auto ads - Pontiac (1965-68)
 JJ1. Auto ads - Pontiac
 Rating: ****
 Submitted: 7/24/2003
 Visits: 7971
U. Altus Cruise Night Scenes from the 6th annual Altus Rock-N-Rumble Cruise held for two nights around the Jackson County courthouse square, Altus, Okla.
 U. Altus Cruise
 Rating: ****
 Submitted: 5/3/2004
 Visits: 7236
JJJ. Auto ads - Pontiac (1975-present)
 JJJ. Auto ads - Pontiac
 Rating: **
 Submitted: 7/24/2003
 Visits: 6913
N. Auto ads - Buick
 N. Auto ads - Buick
 Rating: **
 Submitted: 10/15/2003
 Visits: 6053
O. Auto ads - Oldsmobile
 O. Auto ads -
 Rating: *
 Submitted: 10/29/2003
 Visits: 5935
LLL. Gas and oil ads - 1975-present A few gasoline and motor oil ads of the past 25 years. Notice fewer gas, but more oil ads as oil companies curtailed gasoline advertising after 1973 Arab Oil Embargo for the most part in favor of the lubricating and fuel economy advantages of their motor o
 LLL. Gas and oil ads
- 1975-present
 Submitted: 7/24/2003
 Visits: 5819
K. Kolumbian ZKruiser-'75 Plymouth Sport Fury The Kolumbian Kruiser was my first car and I owned it for 11 years from July, 1984 to August, 1995. It took me through high school, college and graduate school. It was well-driven as a commuter and took me on several long trips including three to Colorado
 K. Kolumbian ZKruiser-'75
Plymouth Sport
 Submitted: 7/24/2003
 Visits: 5434
KK. My wheels-2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Exterior and interior photos of my previous 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT coupe, purchased June 29, 2000 at Heartland Auto Center in Frederick, Okla.and traded on Aug. 15, 2003. It is champaign metallic beige in color with Taupe leather interior. It is powere
 KK. My wheels-2000
Pontiac Grand Prix
 Rating: ***
 Submitted: 7/24/2003
 Visits: 5319
LL. Gas and oil ads - 1965-69 More gasoline and oil advertisements from the past. Check out those high octane claims made in the ads.
 LL. Gas and oil ads
- 1965-69
 Submitted: 7/24/2003
 Visits: 5285
L. Gas and oil ads - 1951-64 A look at gasoline and motor oil from the past.
 L. Gas and oil ads -
 Submitted: 7/24/2003
 Visits: 5180

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