Thailand Honeymoon in Thailand
Visits: 15581
Visits: 15257
Visits: 14110
Thai Baan Visit to the home of Kob, the masseuse after stopping at "fish camp" for dinner and karaoke.  Included Lex, and another masseuse with driver Gulllalong, and saw Kob's sister Mamaewe, niece, father, and aunt
Thai Baan
Visits: 13526
Pattaya Condo Visit to the condo of Tony at Pattaya Beach in Thailand.
Pattaya Condo
Visits: 13436
A Thai Wedding Visit with Tony of Para World Furniture to a local wedding in Thailand during recent visit to country.
A Thai Wedding
Visits: 13404
Bangkok A visit through Bangkok to the center of the town, across the river, around the temples during a fair, down to the floating market, and around Bangkok in general.
Visits: 13381
A Local Thai Temple Fair A fair at a temple in the country near Phanat Nikkom in Thailand.
A Local Thai Temple Fair
Visits: 13371
Four J's and an S Our group of Jim McD, Jim C, Jay, Gene, and Steve dubbed the Four J's and an S by our tourguide Shinawaj during our visit to Bangkok.
Four J's and an S
Visits: 13323
A Mountain Temple Stop and visit to a temple on the mountain near Para World Furniture in Thailand.
A Mountain Temple
Visits: 13320
THAILAND3-2005 OAT Trip to Thailand, from Bangkok to the north end which was the Golden Triangle, and then two excursions: Cambodia and VietNam. 16 great people joined in, 17 counting our guide Suthep.
Visits: 13266
Thailand STM 2007 KCC and MCF short-term mission trip to northern Thailand
Thailand STM 2007
Visits: 12920
Bangkok So Much Fun Bangkok So Much Fun #thailandsomuchfun
Bangkok So Much Fun
Visits: 12315
Highlights Best photos from tour of Bangkok over weekend in December 2007.
Visits: 11882
Grand Palace A visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok.
Grand Palace
Visits: 11812
O-H-I-O Signing of OHIO at locations in Bangkok.  These guys are definitely OSU fans!
Visits: 11686
Temple of Emerald Buddha Visit in Bangkok to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, adjacent to The Grand Palace.  With Jim McD, Jim C, Steve S, and Jay C.  Tour guide was the knowledgeble Shinawaj.
Temple of Emerald Buddha
Visits: 11671
The Grand Palace The Grand Palace grounds in Bangkok, as visited with Jim, Jim, Steve, and Jay, led by guide Shinawaj.  Palace is ceremonial grounds for visiting honored guests to Thailand, and site of official ceremonies such as funerals of the monarch's family.
The Grand Palace
Visits: 11667
Thailand so much fun
Thailand so much fun
Visits: 11602
Marriott Bangkok Scenes from our home for the weekend at the Marriott Mayfair Serviced Apartments in Bangkok.  Included evening drinks and snacks at the poolside bar atop the buidling on 25th floor overlooking the beauty of the city at sunset.
Marriott Bangkok
Visits: 11599
Khao Keow Open Zoo A visit to the Khao Keow Open Zoo in Thailand.
Khao Keow Open Zoo
Visits: 11589
Thailand - Dec 2007 A visit to Bangkok with friends Jim McD., Jim C., and their coworkers, Steve and Jay.
Thailand - Dec 2007
Visits: 11575
Temple of Emerald Buddha A visit to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok.
Temple of Emerald Buddha
Visits: 11567
Flat Nathan in Thailand Flat Nathan adventures in Thailand.
Flat Nathan in Thailand
Visits: 11566
Bangkok Tour Visit around sites in Bangkok.
Bangkok Tour
Visits: 11557
Chiang Mai 2011
Chiang Mai 2011
Visits: 11161