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DominicanRepublicAnsonI0104 Mark and I along with the Jackson's, Potter's and Armstrong's went to the Hacienda Dominicus Iberostar in the Dominican Republic.  We left Jan. 11 and Returned Jan. 20th, 2004. (My 50th)
 Submitted: 1/21/2004
 Visits: 3328
Jamaica Nov 5 2004 Karens Birthday in Jamaica
 Jamaica Nov 5 2004
 Submitted: 11/8/2004
 Visits: 3295
Aruba Brad and Amy's Honeymoon
 Submitted: 5/17/2005
 Visits: 3154
Aruba Spring Break 2004
 Aruba Spring Break
 Rating: ***
 Submitted: 5/20/2004
 Visits: 3033
Dominican Vacation
 Dominican Vacation
 Submitted: 3/21/2005
 Visits: 2768
Aruba '05
 Aruba '05
 Submitted: 12/30/2005
 Visits: 1127
Hong Kong Photographs of Merrilee V. Adler showing life and culture of Hong Kong: "Boat People" "Street Scenes" "Water Taxi" "Boat Baby" "Delicacy" "Eggs" "Dragon" "Hillside Budda" "House Boats" "Morning Walk" "Posters" "Rainy Day" "Street Scene" "Trinkets"
 Hong Kong
 Submitted: 7/10/2003
 Visits: 1109
The Big Trip 2002 Papua New Guinea, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia
 The Big Trip 2002
 Submitted: 2/29/2004
 Visits: 1100
April 29, 2005 Ritz Carlton Puerto Rico
 April 29, 2005
 Submitted: 4/29/2005
 Visits: 924
Aruba 2007-08 our family vacation in Aruba
 Aruba 2007-08
 Submitted: 1/5/2008
 Visits: 813
Puerto Rico 2008 This is Photos of our Puerto Rico vacation in 2008
 Puerto Rico 2008
 Submitted: 3/22/2009
 Visits: 807
VOYAGER - December 2006
 VOYAGER - December
 Submitted: 12/11/2006
 Visits: 796
Fiji with MTSS-2006 Photos from MTSS Fiji trip at Beqa Lagoon Resort. All photos by MTSS host, Rob Harris.
 Fiji with MTSS-2006
 Submitted: 2/24/2006
 Visits: 766
Wake Island Trip This was my second trip to Wake Island with the Readiness Flight Chief, Captain Kim Klump, Senior Airman Karen Miller and fellow firefighter, Staff Sergeamt Jim Browning. We went there to teach a HAZMAT class to all the Wake Isle contract workers. These pi
 Wake Island Trip
 Submitted: 11/25/2006
 Visits: 758
Aruba 2007 Mom and Daughter Aruba Vacation....stayed at "The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino".  Room 1617
 Aruba 2007
 Submitted: 4/25/2007
 Visits: 739
Greece Honeymoon Greece Honeymoon, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete
 Greece Honeymoon
 Submitted: 11/16/2007
 Visits: 721
Cabo San Lucas Special Scenics
 Cabo San Lucas
 Submitted: 1/27/2011
 Visits: 673
Kwajalein 2009 My last visit to the Kwajalein Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
 Kwajalein 2009
 Submitted: 2/17/2009
 Visits: 589
Iceland trip Mar 2007
 Iceland trip Mar
 Submitted: 4/2/2007
 Visits: 565
Company Outing - Lamma Island  14 June, 2014 Company Outing 2014. Location is Lamma Island.
 Company Outing - Lamma
Island 14 June,
 Submitted: 6/20/2014
 Visits: 298

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