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Istanbul Santa Sophia
Istanbul Santa Sophia
Visits: 254
Haqia Sophia Sophia Haqia the Orthodox Church, which was built by Justinian, and then a mosque after the Ottoman imparatorluğı time in 1453, and today a museum used. Istanbul has been at the top of the most beautiful architectural structure is great sophia is
Haqia Sophia
Visits: 251
ROME Pictures around Rome.
Visits: 237
Rome Visit to Rome last year with audience with Pope Francis
Visits: 236
2014  Paris
2014 Paris
Visits: 220
2014 Budapest
2014 Budapest
Visits: 220
My week in Barcelona From 9/16/2014 to 9/23/2014 I spent one week in Barcelona, Spain, in between two hiking tours that I took with a touring company called "Wilderness Travel" --one trip was of the Basque Country (between Spain and France) and the second one was of the Northe
My week in Barcelona
Visits: 198
Spain 2015 Our Trip to spain
Spain 2015
Visits: 144
Villa de Gracia Portrait of  may be, but personally sure,
mediterranean location
Villa de Gracia
Visits: 108
Visits: 82
Spain, 2016
Spain, 2016
Visits: 80
January 17, 2017 Hiking tour in Bulgarian Mountines
January 17, 2017
Visits: 41
Stadt etc strassen und so
Stadt etc
Visits: 27
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