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Canada Fishing Trip June 2003 Canada fishing trip to Cesars Lodge.  Goine Reservoir II.
 Canada Fishing Trip
June 2003
 Submitted: 8/18/2003
 Visits: 4228
RV trip, Alaska and Canada by phototurk Prints may be purchased from "dotPhoto" by making your photo choice then click on icons on left. Pricing and available sizes of prints will then appear. Other merchandise with these images including posters and T-shirts available, click on "buy gifts" icon
 RV trip, Alaska and
Canada by phototurk
 Submitted: 6/15/2004
 Visits: 3989
Granvenhurst 2005 Gravenhurst Canada 2005
 Granvenhurst 2005
 Submitted: 8/19/2005
 Visits: 2623
Montreal 2005 Trip to Montreal Canada
 Montreal 2005
 Submitted: 9/19/2005
 Visits: 2577
Canada-Nova Scotia & New Brunswick
 Canada-Nova Scotia &
New Brunswick
 Rating: *****
 Submitted: 8/21/2004
 Visits: 2450
BRITISH COLUMBIA SCENERY British Columbia scenery including tugboats on Fraser River
 Submitted: 10/2/2004
 Visits: 2305
Banff-Lake Louise Trip
 Banff-Lake Louise
 Submitted: 9/4/2005
 Visits: 2138
Canada 2004
 Canada 2004
 Submitted: 4/14/2004
 Visits: 1919
Trip to Canada and N,Y, 2/2006 Our trip to N.Y. and Canada for Tamara Drazin's wedding.
We flew with Tzvi and Tamara.
We stayed by Tammy and David.
My father joined us and we flew to Montreal and stayed at The Telio's.
Chanala and Nati are with us.
We are having a wonderful time.
 Trip to Canada and
N,Y, 2/2006
 Submitted: 2/17/2006
 Visits: 875
Mike's photos Photos of Truro and the tidal bore taken by Mike with his camera.
 Mike's photos
 Submitted: 9/2/2006
 Visits: 792
The Cat Ferry Return to Bar Harbor 8/2/2006 Our return to Bar Harbor Maine on The Cat Ferry.  It was a much smoother and nicer ride than going over.  Our boat left Yarmouth, NS at 4:00 pm and took about 3 hours.
 The Cat Ferry Return
to Bar Harbor 8/2/2
 Submitted: 9/2/2006
 Visits: 781
August 1, 2006 Digby NS whale watch Travel day back to Yarmouth.  Stopped in Digby and went on a whale watch. Then to Capri Motel room #23.
 August 1, 2006 Digby
NS whale watch
 Submitted: 9/2/2006
 Visits: 758
Old Town, Maine 2006 Over visit with Kathy and Mike in Old Town, Maine.  We went on a moose hunt and ended up stuck -- Mike's friend, Bryan, drove 1-1/2hr to pull us out.  We never did see a moose! We did go to Fort  Knox on Sunday July 23, 2006.
 Old Town, Maine 2006
 Submitted: 9/3/2006
 Visits: 758
Mt. Shasta, CA Sandy, Kelsey & Myron visit Peg and Stefan in Mount Shasta and are joined by Linden & Rachael and Bob and Mary
 Mt. Shasta, CA
 Submitted: 11/28/2004
 Visits: 753
Mike's photos Photos of St. Mary's Church at Church Point and St. Bernard's Church at St. Bernard, NS.
 Mike's photos
 Submitted: 9/2/2006
 Visits: 738
Nova Scotia/New Brunswick 22006 Photos from our trip to Maine, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Including photos while on The Cat Ferry from Bar Harbor, ME to Yarmouth, N.S.
 Nova Scotia/New
Brunswick 22006
 Submitted: 8/14/2006
 Visits: 711
 Submitted: 3/21/2005
 Visits: 675
Z 82203 Toronto Nelson
 Z 82203 Toronto
 Submitted: 9/6/2003
 Visits: 637
GCT- Nova Scotia & Canadian Maritimes
 GCT- Nova Scotia &
Canadian Maritimes
 Submitted: 11/5/2007
 Visits: 632
Canada 2009
 Canada 2009
 Submitted: 9/14/2009
 Visits: 590
July 29, 2006 Hopewell Rocks, NB We spent the entire day at Hopewell Rocks.  We got there at low tide, walked on the ocean floor, then watched the tide come in -- 38 feet!!  Then the tide went out and we went back to the ocean floor! What a wonder of nature!!
 July 29, 2006 Hopewell
Rocks, NB
 Submitted: 8/30/2006
 Visits: 584
 Submitted: 6/6/2006
 Visits: 563
GCT - Canadian Rail Adventure
 GCT - Canadian Rail
 Submitted: 11/30/2007
 Visits: 537
Whistler and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 2006 Bob and Kathy Long invited us to go along on their vacation into Canada this year.  They have a timeshare in Whisler and Victoria.  It was a beautiful trip along with beautiful weather.  Thanks again to Bob and Kathy for a great vacation!!!  It was to much
 Whistler and Victoria,
British Columbia,
 Submitted: 8/8/2006
 Visits: 475
July 31, 2006 Truro NS and the Tidal Bore Went to Victoria Park in downtown Truro to hike and see the waterfalls.  Went to Shubernacadie to the Wildlife Preserve.  Watched the tidal bore ain the early evening then went back into Truro to see the tree scuptures and eat dinner at The Wooden Hog.
 July 31, 2006 Truro
NS and the Tidal Bor
 Submitted: 9/2/2006
 Visits: 462
Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick Photos from our trip to Hopewell Cape and the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick, Canada. July 28-30 2006.
 Hopewell Rocks New
 Submitted: 8/17/2006
 Visits: 430
Mike's Photos Hopewell Rocks and the Hopewell Rocks Motel (where we stayed) taken by Mike on his camera.
 Mike's Photos
 Submitted: 8/30/2006
 Visits: 423
August 28, 2008 Canadian Rockies 8/2008
 August 28, 2008
 Submitted: 8/28/2008
 Visits: 419
July 30, 2006  Parrsboro and Truro, NS We travelled from Hopewell Cape, NB to Truro, Nova Scotia.  On the way we stopped at Parrsboro and saw the world's smallest dinosaur footprints and met the man who found them, Eldon George.  Also stopped at Five Mile Island. Arrived in Truro and stayed at
 July 30, 2006 Parrsboro
and Truro, NS
 Submitted: 9/1/2006
 Visits: 414
Gordon Lake, Canada '06
 Gordon Lake, Canada
 Submitted: 9/6/2006
 Visits: 383
Canada & Glacier
 Canada & Glacier
 Submitted: 8/27/2005
 Visits: 380
Newfoundland Aug 2009
 Newfoundland Aug
 Submitted: 10/15/2009
 Visits: 349
Mike's photos Photos taken by Mike with his camera of our trip from Hopewell Cape New brunswick to Truro, Nova Scotia with a stop in Parrsboro.
 Mike's photos
 Submitted: 9/2/2006
 Visits: 338
St. Croix Scenics St. Croix Scenics
 St. Croix Scenics
 Submitted: 6/6/2006
 Visits: 312
Canadian Rockier tour 2008 Taukk tour and visit with the  Allens in Seattle
 Canadian Rockier tour
 Submitted: 8/5/2008
 Visits: 307
Harbourville Harbourville
 Submitted: 6/6/2006
 Visits: 293
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