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Nutcracker 2004 Dress Rehearsal Portraits
 Nutcracker 2004
 Submitted: 1/27/2005
 Visits: 4195
Dixie Chicks
 Dixie Chicks
 Submitted: 7/25/2003
 Visits: 4041
2003-10 Gallagher: Wet & Wild Tour
 2003-10 Gallagher:
Wet & Wild Tour
 Rating: *
 Submitted: 10/20/2003
 Visits: 4039
July 4th Weekend 2004 and Misc.
 July 4th Weekend 2004
and Misc.
 Submitted: 7/6/2004
 Visits: 3844
Disney on Ice Dec 2003
 Disney on Ice Dec
 Submitted: 12/28/2003
 Visits: 3170
2005-02-12 Love Tapes @ Hwd Sacred Fools Thtr I was finally able to attend the Love Tapes play at Hollywood's Sacred Fools theatre on 2/12/05.  This wity, adult and clever play stars Dean Cameron and Julie Mullen in a story about the use of home video recordings to express affection to someone from af
 2005-02-12 Love Tapes
@ Hwd Sacred Fools
 Submitted: 2/14/2005
 Visits: 2428
Elevator Bath Presents 7/12/02 Elevator Bath's first Dallas event
 Elevator Bath Presents
 Submitted: 8/14/2003
 Visits: 2406
2005-05-26 One Man Star Wars @ Grove of Anaheim One week after the latest Star Wars movie premiere I took some pictures with some movie characters before seeing the Charles Ross "One Man Star Wars Trilogy" performance at The Grove of Anaheim.  Thanks for taking these pictures Jeff and for coming along t
 2005-05-26 One Man
Star Wars @ Grove of
 Submitted: 5/30/2005
 Visits: 2351
Storyteller at library By Linda Kruger, library assistant -- Storyteller John Hinkle portrayed William "Alfalfa Bill" Murray, the state's 9th governor.
 Storyteller at
 Submitted: 10/23/2007
 Visits: 2066
Joe & Kathleen Donato at Piscos in the Grove Joe Donato is a fabulous old time Miami Jazz saxophone player that I met and saw perform for the first time in 1973 at the old "Sebastians" club that was right off of US-1 and SW 17th Avenue in a forgotten section of old Miami known as "Shenandoah" where--
 Joe & Kathleen Donato
at Piscos in the G
 Submitted: 5/3/2008
 Visits: 1105
concerts photos from concerts and festivals.
 Submitted: 7/18/2004
 Visits: 957
Baby I'm A Star These Photos were taken during during the performance of Baby I'm a Star.  I enjoyed photographing these precious dancers.
 Baby I'm A Star
 Submitted: 5/15/2009
 Visits: 937
The Red Light Variety Show
 The Red Light Variety
 Submitted: 9/28/2010
 Visits: 890
Performing Artists
 Performing Artists
 Submitted: 9/29/2010
 Visits: 849
Jazz Recording Session Tribute to Cannonball Aderly and John Coltrane Project.
Bruce Babad (Alto Sax), Glenn Cashman (Tenor Sax), Tom Ranier (Piano), Ed Czak (Piano), Paul Krebich (Drums), and Luther Hughes (String Bass).
 Jazz Recording
 Submitted: 8/31/2004
 Visits: 813
Elevator Bath Presents 12/21/02 Elevator Bath's second Dallas event showcased four experimental musicians. Check the images from the first show in July, too.
 Elevator Bath Presents
 Submitted: 8/14/2003
 Visits: 756
Princess on Ice
 Princess on Ice
 Submitted: 4/28/2006
 Visits: 724
PURPLE HAZE Northwestern University's a capella group with special guests Boomshaka
 Submitted: 3/12/2006
 Visits: 601
Sonia Vieira performing at the Steinway Piano Gallery Sonia Maria Vieira, accomplished and internationally known pianist fom Brazil, played a series of both classics as well as pieces by a famous Brazilian composer, to a select audience at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Coral Gables, Florida on the evening of
 Sonia Vieira performing
at the Steinway
 Submitted: 3/27/2006
 Visits: 591
Little Shop of Horrors Yale University actors perform "Little Shop of Horrors"
 Little Shop of
 Submitted: 3/4/2007
 Visits: 559
MTV Kanye West concert MTV Kanye West concert
 MTV Kanye West
 Submitted: 6/6/2006
 Visits: 530
Johnny Weir - Bad Romance more photos of Bad Romance
 Johnny Weir - Bad
 Submitted: 5/3/2010
 Visits: 516
Johnny Weir - 2010 Home Season Photos of Ice Theatre of New York's 2010 Home Season - Opening Night featuring Johnny Weir - check sub-albums for more photos of each performance.
 Johnny Weir - 2010
Home Season
 Submitted: 5/3/2010
 Visits: 515
Our Lady Peace Music Our Lady Peace
 Our Lady Peace
 Submitted: 6/6/2006
 Visits: 500
Easter Eternal Story in Dance
 Easter Eternal Story
in Dance
 Submitted: 4/1/2008
 Visits: 477
Natasha Veruschka at the NYC Tattoo Convention "The Queen of Swords" at the NYC Tattoo Convention
 Natasha Veruschka at
the NYC Tattoo Conv
 Submitted: 5/18/2011
 Visits: 473
Orchesis Dance Motif 2009 Orchesis Dance Motif 2009
 Orchesis Dance Motif
 Submitted: 1/28/2009
 Visits: 457
Howard Hanger Jazz Fantasy Band By Darla Welchel -- The Newcastle Library Children's Summer Reading Program continues with the Howard Hanger Jazz Fantasy Band.
 Howard Hanger Jazz
Fantasy Band
 Submitted: 6/18/2009
 Visits: 450
Never Trust a City Slicker Dress Rehearsal photos by Victoria Middelton and Play photos by Chantz Wesnidge: Newcastle High Schools first drama production for their newly formed drama department.
 Never Trust a City
 Submitted: 4/22/2008
 Visits: 439
053009 SCA: A Journey Through Time The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) held an event of medieval and Renaissance time period reenactments known as the “Journey Through Time” in Hartsville the weekend of May 29-31 at the Antioch Recreation Center.
 053009 SCA: A Journey
Through Time
 Submitted: 6/2/2009
 Visits: 432
 Submitted: 4/14/2007
 Visits: 418
Tissue Holder PINK COLOUR Bamboo is a very good tree originated from straw family. It is sprung from the earth. Its a bushy tree at the initial stage of growing and becomes matured gradually. It Possesses very big and tall pattern. It is available through out the year in all over B
 Tissue Holder PINK
 Submitted: 9/6/2011
 Visits: 418
Godspell Photos from The Company Theater production of Godspell.
 Submitted: 4/5/2009
 Visits: 416
Clowning Around By Darla Welchel -- The Newcastle Library presented Clowning Around with Troy Scott as part of their summer reading program.
 Clowning Around
 Submitted: 6/21/2007
 Visits: 415
Oklahoma's Centenial Celebration By Darla Welchel -- Oklahoma celebrates it's 100 year birthday in Guthrie Oklahoma.
 Oklahoma's Centenial
 Submitted: 12/26/2007
 Visits: 378
Old Time Radio Show By Darla Welchel - The Newcastle Library hosted an Old Time Radio program featuring the Second Stage Players from Norman.
 Old Time Radio Show
 Submitted: 8/21/2009
 Visits: 369
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