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x Minolta A1 vs Oly C-2100 These are the first shots I took using the Minolta DiMAGE A1 (5 mp digital camera-2560x1620), after having the Olympus C-2100 (2 mp digital camera-1600x1200) for two years.  I put this album in the category of "Premier Photography-Exhibits & Shows" not bec
 x Minolta A1 vs Oly
 Rating: ***
 Submitted: 8/23/2004
 Visits: 5187
07. Way Out West Photographs of Merrilee V. Adler depicting the feel of the West - Past & Present: "Ghost Towns" "Westerns Scenes" "Cowboys" "Bullets" "Boots" "Sadlebags" "Horses" "Big Valley" "Hondo" "Laramie" "Laredo" "Maverick" "Portraits In Time" "Rawhide" "Wagon Wheel
 07. Way Out West
 Submitted: 7/10/2003
 Visits: 4456
2004 Threshing 10th Anniversary Late season, about 3 weeks behind schedule because of much cooler/wetter weather.
 2004 Threshing 10th
 Submitted: 8/9/2004
 Visits: 2824
Art Photography in Film Photos and art rendering of my Photos.
Many of these images have been in shows.
 Art Photography in
 Rating: ***
 Submitted: 7/15/2008
 Visits: 2675
June 19, 2007 Visual Peregrination
 June 19, 2007
 Submitted: 6/19/2007
 Visits: 2545
Contest Submissions Entries submitted in the Plano Photography Club monthly contest
 Contest Submissions
 Submitted: 10/20/2008
 Visits: 2430
 Submitted: 8/9/2007
 Visits: 2317
by Corinda
 by Corinda
 Submitted: 9/10/2008
 Visits: 2084
Griffith Tutoring Annual Spring Into ACTion Benefit Griffith Tutoring's Annual Spring Into ACTion Benefit (www.griffithtutoring.org)
 Griffith Tutoring
Annual Spring Into ACT
 Submitted: 4/28/2009
 Visits: 1000
 Rating: ****
 Submitted: 4/27/2009
 Visits: 861
December 27, 2006
 December 27, 2006
 Submitted: 1/12/2009
 Visits: 844
Ballroom Dancing at the Arnold Classic 2007 These 600 plus images are available for purchase online via this web site.  Let me know if you have questions or comments about the photography, I would love to hear from you.  Darrek Robertson- photographer
 Ballroom Dancing at
the Arnold Classic 2
 Submitted: 9/21/2007
 Visits: 840
Visionary Expo -- 10/11/2009 The Visionary Expo, which took place in Miami, Florida in mid-October of 2009 was the premier showcase of the tattoo industry and of tattoo artists and tattoo artistry from Florida and other parts of the country.
 Visionary Expo --
 Submitted: 12/10/2009
 Visits: 797
Gallery Show Candids Italy work, printed and showing at King Business Interiors Showroom 5-15-08.
 Gallery Show Candids
 Submitted: 5/16/2008
 Visits: 787
Horse Show
 Horse Show
 Submitted: 10/31/2009
 Visits: 721
Infrared Photos
 Infrared Photos
 Submitted: 5/23/2011
 Visits: 583
Phil. International Motor Show 2012
 Phil. International
Motor Show 2012
 Submitted: 8/19/2012
 Visits: 402
Dress for Success 2012
 Dress for Success
 Submitted: 10/27/2012
 Visits: 324
Dallas - Deep Ellum Arts Festival Deep Ellum Arts Festival April 6, 2013
 Dallas - Deep Ellum
Arts Festival
 Submitted: 4/7/2013
 Visits: 246
Antique Car Show Antique Car Show
 Antique Car Show
 Submitted: 2/11/2015
 Visits: 8

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