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2013_08_13 - Logan This is the very handsome Logan, now called Max, he has gone to live in Chepstow with Helen and Paul after the sad passing of Duke the greyhound, he will be a friend for Oz the greyhound
2013 08 13 - Logan
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2013_11_08 - Spence This is very handsome Spence who is now called Stroller, he left Swansea a year ago to go and live with Corinne and her family in Southampton
Corinne I've been meaning to post photos of Stroller for ages and never got around to it

Hope I'm forgiven
2013 11 08 - Spence
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2013_08_05 - Dillion Dilly now called Dillon has been homed by Graham & Jackie from Ystrad Rhondda. Dillon has gone to live with a Shar Pei and a cat. 
Great advert for the breed.
2013 08 05 - Dillion
Visits: 811
2013_02_17 - Jester This is Jester who has been successfully homed in the beutiful Brecon Beacons
2013 02 17 - Jester
Visits: 811
2013_08_01 - Beya Cindy now called Beya has found her new forever home with Helen & Neil in Dulais near Merthyr
2013 08 01 - Beya
Visits: 809
2013_01_21 - Bryn The very handsome Bryn who has now got his forever home in Caerphilly
2013 01 21 - Bryn
Visits: 803
2013_10_05 - Flash This is Bullet now called Flash, his new home with Tabby and the family in Bridgwater has been an instant hit.
2013 10 05 - Flash
Visits: 803
2013_11_05 - Ollie This is the very laid back Ollie who went to his new home in the picturesque Forest of Dean to live with Margaret

Have a greyt life handsome boy
2013 11 05 - Ollie
Visits: 802
2013_07_30 - Bridie The wonderful Bridie who has gone to live with Sandra and Gary in rural West Wales
2013 07 30 - Bridie
Visits: 802
2014_02_07 - Scooby This is Scooby who has come over to live with Margaret and fellow Rescued Racer Ollie in Symons Yat
2014 02 07 - Scooby
Visits: 799
2013_04_18 - George The very handsome George who has settled very nicely into his new home with Anita and the cats in Bury
2013 04 18 - George
Visits: 797
2013_03_19 - Alice This pretty little girl from the Emerald Isle is Alice who is now at home with long time Rescued Racers supporter Jo and her daughter in Gowerton.
2013 03 19 - Alice
Visits: 796
2013_09_27 - Bandit The very handsome Bandit has settled well in his new home in Pencoed near Bridgend with Victoria, Paul, Alex and Freya.
2013 09 27 - Bandit
Visits: 796
2014_01_15 - Candy The very pretty Candy who has gone down West to be with Andria and Huw and resident Rescued Racer Jennie
2014 01 15 - Candy
Visits: 794
2013_08_02 - Maggie Sister to Jethro, Maggie has gone to live with Roy and his lovely wife Hilary in picturesque West Wales
2013 08 02 - Maggie
Visits: 793
2013_06_12 - Model Model who has found her new home in Clydach, Swansea with Michael, his wife, Freya the greyhound and not forgetting Jessie the JRT
2013 06 12 - Model
Visits: 789
2014_02_08 - Gus This is Gus, now settled in very nicely with Kirsty, James and the family.

Well done big fella on your new home
2014 02 08 - Gus
Visits: 780
2013_08_10 - Jez Jez now called Jack has successfully been homed in Aberdare with Mel and her family as well as Tootes the Westie
2013 08 10 - Jez
Visits: 778
2013_11_25 - Vanilla This is Vanilla, aka Melinda who has gone to live with Valerie and her husband in Southampton she's only been there a few weeks and she 's already a big hit.
2013 11 25 - Vanilla
Visits: 776
2014_03_28 - Bianca Bianca now called Hebe has gone to live in Manchester with Sarah and the girls, she also joins Rescued Racers adoptee Harper and Jess the cat as well.
2014 03 28 - Bianca
Visits: 773
2014_03_18 - Betsy Say "Hello" to the beautiful Betsy who has been loving rehomed by Claire and Neil in Southampton. However we must not forget Stella and Izzy the Westie's and my favourite Rescued Racers fawn boy Jethro

Have a greyt life Betsy girl you certainly deserve
2014 03 18 - Betsy
Visits: 770
2013_12_12 - Bobby Bobby when he arrived from Ireland had a one way ticket booked to go and live with Mike and family in Isle Of Man

Lucky Bobby
2013 12 12 - Bobby
Visits: 766
2013_05_13 - Jethro
2013 05 13 - Jethro
Visits: 766
2014_02_07 - Miah This is the very handsome Miah who is now called Max, he's gone to live with Karen and the family in Caerphilly

Happy Days Max
2014 02 07 - Miah
Visits: 763
2014_01_24 - Patti Patti or as she is now called Harper has gone to her forever home with Sarah and the girls in Manchester
Thank you Sarah for giving her a second bite at the cherry.
2014 01 24 - Patti
Visits: 750
2014_04_18 - Holly Little Holly is a darling of a wee girl but then everyone knows I've a soft spot for the fawn's.
She has gone to live in Kettering with Anne, her husband Richard and the cat

Have a wonderful life Holly you've landed on your paws with this one sweethear
2014 04 18 - Holly
Visits: 745
2014_07_09 - Floyd After the sad loss of Murphy another greyhound at the Young household in Barry was called for as Amber was pinning terribly
A call to Rescued Racers and Hawk now called Floyd arrived, he and Amber have bonded almost straight away and Penny and Steve are c
2014 07 09 - Floyd
Visits: 742
2014_05_26 - Charlie My special boy Charlie has got the lovely home he so richly deserves 
Living in Cardiff with Cardiff Blues supporters Ruth and Matt (as an Ulster supporter myself I won't hold that against them) he has settled in really well and they love him to death
2014 05 26 - Charlie
Visits: 734
2014_03_30 - Ruby This little dab is Spot but who is now called Ruby and happily living with Gail and Gabriel, and her houndie brothers Ollie and Roddy in Cardiff

Have a lovely life little girl
2014 03 30 - Ruby
Visits: 731
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