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Chattahoochee / Apalachicola Earl Miller and I (Tarp Head) have long talked about starting at the headwaters of the Chattahoochee River (where I live) and float / boat to Apalachicola Bay (where Earl lives).  We will make the trip with Earl, his son David and myself for the most part.
 Chattahoochee /
 Submitted: 7/13/2003
 Visits: 4531
1946 Chris Craft 20' Custom Runabout Restoration of 1946 Chris Craft 20' Custom Runabout
 1946 Chris Craft 20'
Custom Runabout
 Submitted: 2/8/2005
 Visits: 4500
MO This is the restoration of a 1959 Chris Craft Continental wooden Boat
 Rating: *
 Submitted: 1/10/2004
 Visits: 3774
San Juans Cruise Jun06 Steve's dad's boat
Port Townsend
San Juans
submarine passing  by
orca whales etc
 San Juans Cruise
 Submitted: 6/27/2006
 Visits: 1273
MasterCraft Maristar 230 SS 2006 MasterCraft Wakeboard boat
 MasterCraft Maristar
230 SS
 Submitted: 5/30/2011
 Visits: 853
September 20, 2009 Barnegat Bay NJ
 September 20, 2009
Barnegat Bay NJ
 Submitted: 9/20/2009
 Visits: 726
Andromeda Andromeda - the story of the conversion from day one to the present day.
 Submitted: 5/30/2011
 Visits: 688
Boats and Harbors
 Boats and Harbors
 Submitted: 9/22/2009
 Visits: 642
December 1, 2007
 December 1, 2007
 Submitted: 10/7/2012
 Visits: 483
Days on the Lake Days spent at Norris Lake TN
 Days on the Lake
 Submitted: 2/12/2015
 Visits: 183
TRUE GRIT 1946 Chris Craft 20' Custom Runabout
 Submitted: 7/31/2015
 Visits: 163

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