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At dotPhoto, you can do everything with your digital photos!

That's a big claim, but it's one reason that TopTenREVIEWS named dotPhoto the #1 Photo Sharing Site in 2006, 2007 and 2008. And why gives dotPhoto 5 out of 5 stars.

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Here's What Photographers Love About dotPhoto!

Why dotPhoto Prints are the Best

  • We print on durable Kodak Royal Paper, your choice of glossy or matte, in all popular sizes from 3x5 to 30x40. (Posters from 12x18 and up are printed on Kodak Endura photo paper.)
  • Most print orders are shipped in 24 hours. Heavy weight protective packaging ensures your memories arrive without damage at your doorstep.
  • To help sort and track large print runs, you can print on the back of 3x5, 4xD, 4x6 and 5x7s.
  • You can order cropped or uncropped images.
  • Our state-of-the-art online cart helps ensure that you'll be satisfied with your order.
  • Finally, we guarantee our workmanship, and will reprint if we've made a mistake.

  Share more at dotPhoto

  • Members get a free photo web site, free photo hosting for blogs, and the ability to send photos to cell phones.
  • Members also get the revolutionary dotPhoto Show - the only browser-based slide show tool that mixes your photos, music, narration and transitions with cool "Ken Burns" effects. You can even turn your dotPhoto Shows into DVDs or plug them in as "widgets" or full-sized shows in your blog or community site.
dotPhoto is free to join. And no annoying advertisements in your personal photos!
Heard enough? Join now - it only takes a moment
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Even more about dotPhoto...
Make money at dotPhoto
You can even sell prints, posters and merchandise on dotPhoto. If you're ever inspired to earn some money with your photos, dotPhoto is open around the clock to ring up your sales and put money in your bank account! Why not share your artwork on mugs, mouse pads, T-shirts and the hundreds of other items available at dotPhoto?
Fast, Easy Personal or Family Web Site Builder
If you've always wanted your own web site, you can have it now at dotPhoto. Our built-in text editor does away with complex code, and helps you set up a real web site in under five minutes. What you see is what you get in dotPhoto's improved My Web Site wizard.
Why dotPhoto Merchandise and Gifts are Better!
If you've got a picture, you can put it on virtually anything at dotPhoto from calendars, mugs, mouse pads and posters to handbags, blankets, T-shirts, chocolates, jewelry boxes, cards and 100 other items. Making gifts is easy because dotPhoto tells you everything you need about specific merchandise requirements to ensure your satisfaction.
Your Privacy is Important
dotPhoto provides every level of privacy from locked-down albums to your own public web site. You can publish some albums to your web site and lock others in your account for your own use. Every dotPhoto Show or album can be password-protected, and you can even share groups of albums with certain groups of friends by sharing the same password among albums.
Get Better Organized
dotPhoto's albums, sub-albums and sub-sub-albums let you create your own personal file structure. And our CD/DVD backup services can back up the thousands of photos that you or your family may bring together on dotPhoto from multiple cameras and camera phones.
See who sees your photos
dotPhoto's invitation system invites friends to see your latest photo show and even tells you who visited!
Great customer service.
Write or call us, and we'll take care of you fast.
Why is dotPhoto free?
dotPhoto is free to join for the first year and you may keep your account as long as you make a purchase every six months or join one of our plans. Our annual Club Plan is only $19.99. Either way, everyone needs a photo service, and we'd like to be yours. Almost two million people have signed up for dotPhoto and tens of thousands use our services every day.
dotPhoto is free to join.
And no annoying advertisements in your personal photos!
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